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Serious Sam Promises A Return To Puberty

Posted by GG Goblin On August - 31 - 2011

Bold claims follow the launch of Serious Sam Double D on digital download portals, including Steam.

“Serious Sam Double D contains all the wild action and the bizarre humor of the Serious Sam franchise in a classic 2D shooter,” said Nathan Fouts, founder and lead designer at developer Mommy’s Best Games. “At the same time we’ve definitely added our own touches to the Serious Sam series with the Gunstacker, jump pad, and a host of brand new enemies for Sam to battle.”

The first game in the Serious Sam Indie Series, Mommy’s Best Games’ Serious Sam Double D is available now for download at a super serious £5.99 price through Steam, Get Games, Impulse, and Direct2Drive.

Serious Sam Double D is full throttle action filled to the brim with trademark Serious Sam awesome and the ridiculous creativity of developer Mommy’s Best Games:

- 80, 640 Gunstacker combinations

- 18 jaw-clenching campaign levels

- 3 brutally awesome time periods

- 25 bizarrely monstrous creatures

- 70 secrets hidden across the game

- 4 ginormous boss encounters

- 12 gut-punching challenge levels

- 30 Steam achievements

- Occasional bewbs

“Serious Sam Double D is digital testosterone. No lie, my sack dropped a full inch after playing for a couple of hours,” claimed Fork Parker, chief financial officer at Devolver Digital, publisher of Serious Sam 3: BFE and the Serious Sam Indie Series. “Quote me, Serious Sam Double D will knock your ass through puberty all over again.”

Well, that kinda says it all, doesn’t it?










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