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Facts and Trailers From Dragon Quest X

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 5 - 2011

If you missed the live press conference from Square Enix about everything Dragon Quest X, you can catch up with these fantastic trailers from the conference.

Here are a few more facts about Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes.

- game is set in Astortia, which has five continents and five races
- game will still feature a huge story
- 5 races are ogre, elf, dwarf, pukuripo, and Wedi
- create your own character
- don’t have to play with others
- game can be cleared 100% on your own
- this can be done using NPC characters
- similar commands to previous games
- Yosuke Saito is in-charge of Dragon Quest X: Awakening of the Five Tribes
- Saito was announced as the producer
- job system that allows you to change occupations
- One of the jobs briefly shown was alchemist
- game will have events that tie into different seasons, such as holidays
- added quests post release
- expect these at the same pace, if not faster than Dragon Quest IX
- some quests span multiple volumes
- crafting professions exist
- Alchemy doesn’t create new items, but adds attributes to existing items
- Gain “fame” by having other players equip items you crafted
- player housing both outside and inside customizable
- take things like weapon and accessory maker jobs
- Players can help other players who’ve fallen
- see other players fighting in the world
- characters have job and race
- go to the pub to assemble a party
- let your character be used by other players in their parties
- other players who are in your area as you fight appear translucent and show their support for you
- all new DQX music from Sugiyama
- create weapons that are used by other people
- Wii U version in the works, will look better and be powered-up
- players on Wii and Wii U play in the same world
- some StreetPass features for 3DS owners as well
- Apply for beta online, you will need USB storage
- Bring your character on 3DS for StreetPass content
- 3DS interactivity is being considered, not confirmed yet
- for the battle system, after a set amount of time, your character will be able to attack
- select skills from menus
- 4 players shown in battle, but that may not be the limit
- greet other online players with emotes
- chat bubbles pop up overhead when you talk
- customize characters by allocating skill points when you level up
- sewing system where players can create clothes
- looking to release sometime 2012
- play on Wii and continue on Wii U



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