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Shadows of the Damned

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Hulu Plus available on Wii U

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Steam Expands Beyond Games with more software titles added

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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest

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Rare Limited Edition Nintendo DS Collection

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 1 - 2011

If you’ve ever fancied getting your hands on a Limited Edition Rare DS Collection, there’s 30 in this lot.  They include US, EU and JAP systems and other very rare stuff too. It will set you back $3,650.00 from Ebay, if you have the gold coins to part with, but you’re getting some awesome gear in this collection.


1. Ace attorney dsi JP-complete with game (mint)-includes ace attorney dsi strap!
2. Maple story dsi Korea-complete with game (mint)
3. Mario ds lite-complete unopened (mint)
4. Kingdom hearts 358/2 dsi JP-complete with game (mint)
5. Final fantasy Crystal dsi JP-complete
6. Mew ds JP-complete (mint)
7. Pokemon worlds 2009 dsi US-complete (mint)with box
8. Pokemon worlds 2010 dsi xl EU-complete (mint)
9. Grand theft Auto ds lite female cover US-complete (mint)-includes chopstick stylus and box
10. Final fantasy revenant wings ds lite JP-no box (mint)
11. Pokemon diamond/pearl ds lite US-no box (mint)
12. Pokepark ds US-heavy use, and surface scratches comes wit hbox but also rough shape
13. Guitar hero ds lite US-show small signs of use, no box
14. Guitar hero ds lite EU-box, missing papers, (mint)
15. Green Mario Party dsi US-Mint unopened
16. IGN.com ds lite US-complete (mint)
17. Giritina diasuke ds lite JP-complete with game (mint)
18. Pikachu ds lite JP-shows signs of minor use, no paper work
19. Zelda ds lite US-mint unopened
20. Pokemon black dsi-complete with game (mint)
21. Pokemon white dsi-complete with game (mint)
22. World ends with you ds lite-mint unopened
23. Tokyo and Japan ds lite-complete (mint)
24. Final Fantasy 3 ds lite JP-Complete very minor play ware
25. Gundam ds lite-complete very minor play ware
26. Navy Blue ds lite JP-not -small signs of use with box
27. Red dsi JP-complete (mint)
28. Lime green dsi JP-complete minor play ware
29. White dsi LL JP-mint complete
30. And last but not least a 3ds Panda development system US-mint and complete with box

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