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The Sims 3 Hidden Springs

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 14 - 2011

The addition of a new town for The Sims 3 is always magical. But the recently available Hidden Springs town, available to download through the Sims Store, is perhaps more magical than most.


My first impression of Hidden Springs was surprise at how vast, green and beautiful the new town was. In a way, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as expansive as it was. Hidden Springs is a charming town inhabited by around 23 new families, offering plenty for the new player to choose from should they not wish to create their own family. There are also a wide variety of properties available with prices ranging from the very reasonable basic home, right up to the impressive Vanderburg home which has a hefty price tag of 175,000 simoleons. The Vanderburg family come from a long line of royals including H.M. Catarina Vanderburg, who is at her wits end with her children, believing they should start considering the future of the Vanderburg name.


After some consideration, I decided to go with Jenny and Blake, who are in young adulthood and have done everything together since they were small children. Now, the two frenemies are embarking off into the world, with some help from their parents funds of course. The two bedroom and 3 bathroom house seemed the perfect home to start with and is ideal for parties or lounging about in the bar at the weekends, everything you need to relax and unwind.

Wandering around each of the town areas, it’s easy to understand why people would want to stay here. It boasts a huge Hidden Springs Spa in which you can rest and relax outside by the pool or indulge in one of the luxury treatment packages they offer. Players can enjoy three different kinds of massage, but with some expensive price tags. You can choose from Great Escape 1,000, Relaxing Rendevous for 3,000 and Soothing Salvation 7,500. Each massage gives beneficial boosts to your Sims and in some cases refills all your required needs.


It’s interesting to see all the different places in Hidden Springs, even the standard buildings that you come to expect in a Sims town are a joy to look at and spend some time at. Fort Gnome, the town’s military base, offers various interactions such as tour, join the military career or attend some handiness classes. Grady’s Junk Store is the place to go and search through old junk to find some interesting bits and pieces. At one point I was wandering the town and found an uncut diamond left abandoned on the grass, which was very handy. Pop into Han’s Tavern and cafe for the odd cappuccino. It’s decorated with some flowery wallpaper, with a bunch of coffee tables. They do a variety of drinks to choose from such as the Banana lite cappuccino or delicious cinnamon whipped cream coffee.


There’s a nice selection of beaches to explore such as Meadow Beach, if you fancy catching some rays. If your Sim fancies a bit of night life entertainment, a visit to Lars Disco-Tech is pretty awesome, which includes a place where you can play music or sing, or even do some funky dance steps on their flashing multicolored disco floor. It is here that many of the locals hang out and is a great place for socialising and getting to know your new neighbours.

As one would expect from a town as picturesque as Hidden springs, there are plenty of places to head for if you’re in need of quiet contemplation. The mountains have an incredible view that look down on the whole town and there’s always somewhere to lounge outside. If you’re feeling more athletic, you can have a workout at the local gym or take a bicycle ride around the peaceful town. If peaceful is not your thing, then there is unorthadox excitement to be had at the local graveyard, which offers some spooky noises while you wander around reading the names on tomb stones of people that have met with an untimely death.

Screenshot-86 (2)_600x450

Thinking of death, perhaps the most interesting addition that comes with Hidden Springs is the mystical Fountain of Youth. Once purchased at a massive 500,000 Simoleons, it can be set down in any of the community lots or in your Sims very own back yard. The water gently flows from the miniature waterfall-styled fountain and seeps over the rocks. As soon as you drink from the fountain, you appear sparkly, although nothing seemed to happen to my sim. A few more times and I noticed that it had reversed the age of my sim, returning them to the prime of your youth. The Fountain of Youth offers many outcomes, including mood boosts and trait changes, and it’s only through the experience of trying it out a few times that you discover what effect it has had.

Screenshot-93 (2)_600x450

Hidden Springs DLC offers a stunning environment with a nice collection of families to choose from. As a place for the rich and famous to come and enjoy privacy in a relaxing atmosphere, it is the perfect place for any Sim to set up home. Explore and discover new areas, pop into a log cabin for a weekend break, or even fish in the local stream. Is the DLC worth the massive asking price of 2,450 SimPoints? Well, that is something that each Sim player would have to decide for themselves.

Take in the beautiful sights of the mountains, explore the neighbourhood and meet the locals. You may even find that some of them have turned a shade of green!



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