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Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 10 - 2011

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is the latest point and click adventure by Reef Entertainment, aimed squarely at the younger gamer and coming to the PC, Wii, Ds and PS3 with Move support.

Captain Morgane_Briscoe House Ext_600x375

The game begins with a brief cutscene, after which players are taken into the Castillo home in which the young Morgane has to run a series of errands for her mother. Once she’s finished the tasks in hand, she’ll be allowed to go outside and play with her friends. A brief tutorial shows you the controls and inventory to begin your point and click adventure. The selection of errands involve washing the windows, removing dust from the floor and fixing a water pump that sits outside the house. Clicking over various objects brings up a magnifying glass for close inspection or a hand to actually pick an item up. Objects from your inventory can be easily accessed, but objects must be grabbed and held on the main screen for further interaction or they tend to slip right back into their original slot. The game relies on your logical thinking to combine various objects with each other, once you’ve found all the required items, so bear that in mind and think about what objects you have and how they can be used.

Captain Morgane_Castillo House_600x375

Although the environment seemed fitting for the storyline, with some gorgeously rendered backdrops, I found myself feeling constantly let down by the characters voices. To be honest, they didn’t feel like they fitted in at all and felt too enthusiastically acted. However, it has come to my attention that the voices are all being re-recorded before the general release of the game.

Captain Morgane_Flat Top Hill_600x375

The beginning of the game is quite slow, but once you’ve run back and forth collecting various items and talking to Morgane’s mother who sits quite happily in her rocking chair, you’re free to wander outside. Once outside, you can explore the surrounding areas. You come across three children called Nell, Arno and bobby, who are standing up on a hill. You make your acquaintance with them, but soon realize that Arno seems to have quite an aggresive personality and is intent on having a fight with you. A small interactive swordfight commences, which does a good job of preparing you for future encounters, but does nothing really to progress the story.

Captain Morgane _Graveyard of the Ancients_600x375

When her pirate father returns and explains that her Uncle Eduardo is lost at sea and presumed dead, and then the sudden death of her mother, Morgane has to join her father in the life of a pirate. Time passes and Morgane celebrates her 17th Birthday, at which point she becomes captain of her own ship, has to find herself a crew, and is tasked to find the fabled Golden Turtle.

Captain Morgane_Turtle Beach_600x375

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is a fairly simple point and click adventure, ideally suited to the younger gaming audience. The storyline, arguably the most important aspect of a point and click adventure, doesn’t have a lot of depth, which again is in keeping with the target audience, but will likely disappoint more seasoned gamers. Visually, the game is quite impressive and the background music certainly fits the subject matter. As long as they fix the voice work, Captain Morgane will be the perfect game to introduce young gamers to this genre. For experienced gamers though, it may well be a bit light on the story to engage for any amount of time.

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is due next February for PC, WII, DS and PS3.

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