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Crysis Console

Posted by FuryAc3 On October - 20 - 2011

This week we are going to be reviewing a true legend in the FPS world, which for years could only be played at full spec by a lucky few gamers who had a very high end PC. With the sequel having been so well received this year, it was about time the first one made it’s way to the consoles. The game we’re reviewing this week is none other than Crysis.


Crysis was first released back in November 2007 on the PC and has become part of gaming mythology because of the high spec that was needed to run it at the time and because of this many gamers missed out on playing it back then. Fast forward four years and, thanks to Live and PSN and the fact that Crysis 2 was a huge hit earlier this year, Crytek have released it so that everyone can get to play and see just what all the fuss was about.

In Crysis you fill the boots (well suit) of Jake Dunn, codenamed Nomad, who is a member of Delta Force but soon ends up being recruited into a Spec Ops squad that run black ops behind enemy lines. The catch here though is that this team isn’t like normal spec ops teams as they are kitted out with super high tech suits called Nano Suits which turn the wearer into a walking tank, a true one-man army, letting them run faster as well as cloak rendering the wearer almost totally invisible. Also the suit has an armour lock which is a shield that you can turn on and off,  and is strong enough that it will let you live through an RPG blast or heavy assault. All of these abilities give you a huge upper hand on the battlefield and give you lots of options on how to deal with you mission.

The Crysis story is set in 2020 and sees North Korean forces take control of Lingshan Island. There is an American team of archaeologists on the island that send out a distress call indicating that they discovered something that will change the world. Team Raptor are sent in to evacuate the archaeologists and to secure any of the resources which the Koreans want to get their hands on. So who is team Raptor?

Team Raptor is made up of 5 members; Nomad, Psycho, Aztec, Jester and the team leader Prophet. All of them have Nano suits and the start of the game sees them jumping out the back of a plane by  high-altitude jump (HALO) to get them on to the island without being seen. But soon after they land things start going wrong in a big way. There is more on Lingshan than just an archaeological dig and the truth to why the North Koreans are there is revealed.


What follows is a huge campaign seeing Nomad running, gunning and blowing up almost everything that he sees. With lots of twists and turns, Crysis never gets boring and is a true thrill a minute ride which will leave you wanting more from the first shot to the last shell.

The thing about Crysis that really stops you dead in your tracks is just how good it looks. Even though it’s four years old, the game is still stunning. From the start, in the hold of the plane with the team talking to each other before the HALO jump where their faces are detailed and show real character, to the deep jungle where the trees move in the wind and you feel a huge depth of field because it’s so layered with foliage. Even in a fire fight when the bullets are rippling through the water and trees fall because of grenade blasts, Crysis is a joy to look at. Add to that this new version has a new lighting system as well as new effects, plus the fact that you can play it in stereoscopic 3D if you have a 3D telly.

The Gameplay side of Crysis is, at its core, a FPS and there’s no getting away from that. But what Crysis does is give you choices and by giving you choices it opens up a world of possibilities to you. For example – say that there is a coms jammer in an enemy base and you have to shut it down – you could:

A: run in guns blazing, kill everyone and switch it off
B: Stealth your way past the MG nest, guard towers, soldiers and 2 tanks and flip the switch
Or C: stand on a hill side and RPG the coms jammer to death,then go stealth and slip away into the jungle.

There’s also E, F, G, H and so on. The list goes on and on because there’s not a set way to do any mission in the game. As long as you have the tools you can do it anyway you want. This is where the game comes into its own, add to that it’s set in an open world and you can do anything you want.


You can get behind the wheel of most vehicles in the game to help you get around, ranging from jeeps and trucks, to tanks. The vehicles add an extra layer of combat to the game as well as making to have to think about your attack, because the enemy will use them against you.

The buildings in Crysis also play a huge part in how you will play the game as most of the island is made up of wooden shacks which are not the strongest of buildings and will only last one or two hits at the most before they fall apart. So in the heat of a battle you will have to be careful where you take cover as it may not be there for a long period of time.

Though the original PC game had multiplayer, the new version of the game sadly doesn’t feature the multiplayer side of things, nor does it feature the two expansion packs, Warhead and Crysis Wars. But hopefully they will be released as DLC in the future as Warhead is a separate story line which follows Psycho and Crysis Wars is a multiplayer expansion. So lots of things to hopefully be released in the future for the game by Crytek.


Crysis is a tour-de-force for FPS fans. It’s a true legend and though it is missing the multiplayer side of things, in no way does that take away from the campaign and as a history lesson to non-fans the graphics will have their jaws hitting the floor and that’s before they even fire a round. A must buy from the first clip to the last round. A great game.

They say never meet your heroes…they lied!





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