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Posted by Tambo On October - 7 - 2011

Here at GGUK towers we have hundreds of games. They cover our desks, prop open doors, are used as placemats and occasionally are eaten. Okay that last bit isn’t true but packed into a finite amount of space, games are everywhere we are. Trouble is we also have an infinite want for new games but happily, there’s a place we can breathe life into our old games and fulfil our addiction to having new ones without having to resort to some dodgy DIY extension work or breaking into a bank – we can visit the peer to peer swapping website GaBoom!

Launched during summer 2010 by young entrepreneur Jessica Ratcliffe, the idea for GaBoom first began when at the age of 15 she was swapping games with her friends and thought it would be good to do on a larger scale. Five years of serious research, stat crunching and friendly networking later plus an impressive appearance in the Dragon’s Den, the game swapping website GaBoom was born, allowing gamers to get the games they want for the games they have, simply by signing up to the unique matching profile service.

To do this, you enter any games you have that you no longer want, list the games you do want and GaBoom does the rest, best matching you with other users that you then agree to swap with. There are several ways to swap, with most users opting to send their games securely to GaBoom who check the condition of both games before sending them on to their happy new homes. There is also an Escrow service where swappers can put down a reasonable refundable deposit to cover the cost of anything going wrong. Not that anything does go wrong as hard working Jess oversees everything and is now preparing to catapult GaBoom to the next level. After an incredible 12 months, the response to the website continues to be positive with a new simplified swapping method being introduced this month plus the opportunity to rate swapping partners in more detail. Jess is dedicated to making sure time spent on the site is a lot more fun and interactive as well as continuing to offer a secure and safe service. You can also buy and sell games from the site whilst work on a reward system for members completing activities on GaBoom is currently underway– achievement unlocked!

Working full time on the site, Jess does still get the odd moment here and there to blog (news and reviews about games of course) and indulge in some swapping herself as we found out when we chatted to her recently. “I’ve just swapped my copy of Crysis 2 for FIFA 11. I can’t wait to get going on it!” she revealed although two of the most popular titles exchanging hands are mainly from the Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed series. Currently around 15% of GaBoom members are female but this looks set to grow as Jess already has her eye on the global market. “We have many exciting plans for the future. We plan to expand GaBoom when we’re ready into markets such as the United States and Europe.”

Whether it’s the latest releases or retro classics, the site is easy to use and caters for all tastes and budgets. The quality and strength of it lies in the knowledge that you can swap securely and get exactly what you want in return for giving away something you don’t want – genius. Clearly driven by a passion for games, there’s something refreshing and empowering about seeing a savvy gaming girl create a unique and welcoming game exchange. “I love hearing people’s thoughts and feedback on the website; interacting directly with members is one of the best things about working on GaBoom.” Admirable indeed Jess but we now need you to create a magical machine to give us time to play all these games!

To find out more or to get swapping, visit the website www.GaBoom.co.uk or follow GaBoomTweet on Twitter.


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