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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD dated, and includes Final Fantasy XV demo

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The Last of Us Part II Ellie’s outfit & tattoo

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Monster Hunting In London

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Gears Of War 3 Brady Games Guide

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 4 - 2011

Grabbing an advantage with a Brady Games Guide.

Over the years, Brady Games Guides have helped so many gamers get more from their games. Every big release gets it’s own guide, helping the player to master the mechanics, find the hidden gems and pick a path through perilous predicaments. The latest guide for the massively impressive Gears of War 3 is no different in this respect and offers a wealth of information to both novices and COG veterans alike.

The Signature Series guide, which is the one that we are taking a look at and is priced at £12.99, is joined on the shelves by the rather impressive looking Limited Edition Hardcover guide, priced at £19.99 and impressive looking enough to be pride of place on any bookshelf.

Gears of War 3_600x777

As with all Brady Games Guides, these books are finished to an incredibly high standard, packed full of colour screenshots and pictures, and fully researched to give the player the best possible advantage.

The book begins by introducing all of the characters and giving a look at their background. It then goes on to explain the basic controls, shows off the full arsenal from the game and all of the hostiles that the player will be facing. And this is all before the 150+ pages walkthrough of the campaign mode. Ensuring that the player misses nothing, the walkthrough offers handy tips for various tricky situations and the locations of the various collectibles that can be found through the game.

Following the campaign walkthrough are sections describing the multiplayer modes and all of the multiplayer maps. These maps show the locations of spawn points and weapon drops, making them an invaluable asset. There is also a full guide to both Horde and the new Beast mode. These are especially useful as players who have not indulged in some Horde action may find these modes a bit confusing. But everything from the basics and the available fortifications, through to tactics for each of the maps are listed here.

Everything is well laid out and easy to find. The rear of the book is filled with further details of the collectibles from the game and tables listing Ribbons, Medals, Executions and Achievements.

Is the Brady Games gears of War 3 Guide an essential purchase? For collectors and big fans of the game, of course it is. But for the average player, the fact that Gears of War 3 is a relatively linear game reduces the requirement of this guide. Unlike games with masses of collectibles, alternate routes or open worlds, Gears of War 3 is a reasonably straight forward game that would be tough to get stuck in.


But, that being said, the guide will certainly teach the player something new and allow them to get more from the experience. The multiplayer maps are handy to refer to until they have been played and learnt, and the same can be said for the Horde and Beast modes. It is not an essential purchase, but it is enjoyable to read and further expands the Gears of War universe.




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    […] of the game guide and saviors to every completionist out there, released the rather impressive Signature Series guide to Gears of War 3. We have two copies here, just waiting to guide a needy gamer to their next boss battle.   The […]

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