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Mass Effect SSV Normandy Ship Replica

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PlayStation Vita Box Designs & Launch Apps

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 3 - 2011

The European Manager for PS Vita posted a recent picture of the final box design for the PS Vita. You really need to get some hands-on time with this perfect little handheld as it will blow your mind.


The PS Vita will also come complete with a whole host of apps to try out on your PS Vita. These include the Welcome Pack which is filled with some fantastic features into the PS Vita and you’ll be able to check out a series of mini games.

Party, if you fancy a chat while you’re gaming, this voice and text chat application will enable you to do so. You can chat with up to to eight party members and it also allows you to set up and jump in multiplayer games.

PlayStation Store links you directly to the PSN store, for the latest game trailers, DLC and apps.

Group Messaging, is a great and cool way to contact your PlayStation Network friends with a PSN message. Send them a photo you’ve taken with your PS Vita to keep them updated. The PS Vita enables you to capture photos and is a direct link to the camera which you can then use with the handy photo viewer application.
Near, is an exclusive location based gaming network for the PS Vita. You can use it to connect with your friends or make new ones by sharing information based upon your location. With this app you can even receive new levels, unlocks and in-game items to enhance the way you play.

Keep up to date with the Trophies app, which will store and track your trophies earned on both PS Vita aned PS3.

A music player app will allow you to play your own tunes transferred to PS Vita via PC or PS3.

Your friends list app is essential to stay in touch with your friends and even see what they are playing.

The PS Vita has an 5″ OLED Touchscreen, ideal for Internet browsing and offering Wi-Fi and 3G.

Via PlayStation Blog

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