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The Golden Joystick Awards 2011

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 31 - 2011

The 29th Annual GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards took place at the lavish Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel on the 21st October, 2011 and GGUK were there to report on the latest news and see how the astounding 2.06 million public votes had selected winners from each of the fourteen categories up for awards.


Within the prestigious hotel we were directed into the media room, which had been set up for us to power up all our gadgets, allowing us to focus on the news as it happened. As the room filled up with various people from a wide selection of professional and blogging sites, it was clear that the day was going to be hectic as we all plugged in and powered on various laptops and other equipment in preparation.


In the morning, we were given a briefing of the day’s events and a chance to check out other areas of the hotel. Once we had settled in, the day began very calm and relaxed and it was a chance to grab a drink from the ice bucket or chat with other press. While tweeting and answering emails, we were notified that a special character would be appearing in the hotel lobby and we had the chance to meet and greet a giant Sonic the Hedgehog that just happened to be loitering around the main hotel doors. We grabbed a chance to get up close and personal with our favorite blue hedgehog and took a selection of photographs. Once he appeared, it seemed like the entire hotel decided to greet him, so he was eventually surrounded by a huge crowd of people.


During the morning, we were taken downstairs to a pre-function Ballroom area, where a few 3DS and Wii hubs were available to play with,  all loaded with the latest, and upcoming Zelda games. Most of the guests had left for lunch at this time as they had eventually worked out where they needed to be seated by the on-screen table layout. We grabbed the chance to have a brief play with Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Wii.

pic 1

This was also the area where the F1 2011 driving simulation seat was set up to see if Justin Towell could break the world record for the new Indian circuit on F1 2011. After a few technical hitches along the way, Justin Towell broke the Gunness World Record with his final time of 1.20.38. We were all incredibly pleased for him, as it looked like an incredibly hard record to break and it’s not the easiest game to drive on the simulation driving wheel, but Justin managed to perform the task at hand so effortlessly and impressively.


During the afternoon, the press were escorted to the ballroom, where hundreds of people were sat drinking champagne at their prestigious tables, while waiting for the ceremony to begin. The room was graciously lit up and oozed glamour. As we were all seated, Seann Walsh hosted the awards and the winners were unveiled. We tweeted the results throughout the whole ceremony, trying to keep our readers posted and up to date as events and news unfolded. Most of the winners seemed quite predictable, where others were quite surprising. I was quite pleased that Nintendo won the innovation of the year award for the Nintendo 3DS, as I know that really was a great step forward in technology and gaming for the famous handheld.


After the awards, we headed back upstairs to the press room, where we immediately wrote up our news and attended to charging up our phones and laptops and it was an opportunity to catch up with some of the winners of Golden Joystick Awards. We then headed to the party function room in which we met with other guests and press that had attended the event. The Golden Joystick Awards 2011 was an impressive event that ran very smoothly. We really had a great time and hopefully look forward to reporting live from the ceremony again next year.

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