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We Sing UK Hits

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 10 - 2011

Train up those lungs and get ready to warble, we are getting our Karaoke groove on and this time we are keeping it Brit-style with We Sing UK Hits.

We Brits have a long and proud history of bursting into song and enjoying a good knees up, although in this modern age it requires something a bit more technologically advanced than a piano, and a lot more alcohol. The latest installment in the Wii microphone-wielding series We Sing features no fewer than 40 massive UK hits from six decades of British music, which should be plenty to inspire a post-pub singing session in all but the sourest of this holiday season’s party goers.


For those still haunted by the vision of a good old-fashioned knees up, don’t panic. No-one’s getting married in the morning, my old man is not a Dustman and Mother Brown will most certainly be keeping her knees down. The songs included are much more interesting than anything sung in an East End pub by Pearly Kings and Queens. We are talking about both modern hits from the likes of Jessie J or The Saturdays, classics from Dusty Springfield or Bananarama, and everything else in between. The song selection in this title is pretty impressive, with most songs being instantly recognisable and all including their original videos.

Beyond this new collection of tunes that have been popular here in the UK, the rest of the game remains the same as the previous We Sing titles. Nordic Games seem to be content with the current set up of their popular singing series, and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” appears to be the general attitude. As the downloading of new songs is not possible in these games, the release of whole new installments is the only way to get some fresh tunes to sing along to, so in that respect it works very well and will appeal to fans of the previous games looking to increase their repertoire.


But that doesn’t mean that, as a gamer, we wouldn’t like to see something new added to the game. The mechanics remain that the player sings along to their chosen song, with the game monitoring their pitch. This means that players are able to “la la la” their way through songs should they so wish and still achieve a decent score. Beyond the solo mode and the lessons, which can be very handy, there are some eight party modes that can be enjoyed by up to four players. This can be both co-op and competitive and Pass the Mic mode only requires one microphone, which reduces the need to buy more.

Sometimes it is nice to burst into song without all of the pressure of scoring points and such. For those moments there is a Karaoke mode which just plays the song and puts the lyrics on screen. There is also a Jukebox mode for when you just want to enjoy the songs and their videos.

As with the previous We Sing titles, the package is very comprehensive and does exactly what you need in a party environment. The game can be bought with two microphones, or alone for players who have bought previous titles and don’t need additional microphones. It is a shame that there is nothing new to report when it comes to the gameplay, but that doesn’t mean that the game’s not fun, just nothing new.


We Sing UK Hits is, much like the previous titles, the perfect singing party game on the Wii. If you have not picked up one of the previous titles, then this one is as good as any to try out, all depending on your musical tastes. If you have any of the previous We Sing games, then buying this really depends on how much your partying friends are fed up with the old selection of songs. Great game, but realistically nothing more than a stand-alone song pack.




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