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A World Of Keflings: It Came From Outer Space

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 11 - 2011

Keflings are a fairly incapable lot. Firstly they needed help with their Kingdom in A Kingdom For Keflings. Then the player had a whole World of Keflings to deal with, including three interconnected Kingdoms. But now it seems that even a bunch of lazy aliens have got in on the act in the latest DLC for A World of Keflings and have realised that the Keflings are on to a good thing by getting the player to do all of the hard work. No rest for the wicked, eh?


It Came From Outer Space is the latest DLC for A World of Keflings from NinjaBee which gives the player a brand new Kingdom to build and manage. This time around though the Kingdom is inhabited by cute little aliens and their robot servants. Along with the new Kingdom comes a collection of new buildings that must be built, providing a good three hours of additional gameplay to the Kefling enthusiast.

For a reason known only to the NinjaBee developers, this Kingdom of aliens has not been integrated with the other Kingdoms available in A World of Keflings, requiring the player to create a new save. After I got over the initial frustration of searching my Kefling world for evidence of aliens, because it doesn’t actually let you know about starting a new game, I was a bit disappointed that this alien Kingdom was not going to be part of my main world.


But once I got started, it was fairly easy to get into. The vast majority of the game is the same as before, collecting the resources to build the different buildings from the tech tree. The buildings had a different look to them, in keeping with the alien theme, but they mostly had the same functions, with the exception of a few “buildings” that can be mutated into different “buildings” with different functions.

These mutatable “buildings” are part of an over-riding humorous theme that runs through the game, revolving around poop. The buildings are oversized animals that eat resources and poop out different resources. Added to that the fact that the aliens come from the planet Yurbut, and you can sense the overall tone of the game.

The map itself is quite tight in places and those Kefling players out there who pride themselves on creating tight supply lines in an efficient manner will find this map particularly difficult. But making life easier is the fact that the aliens actually change their heads depending which job they are assigned, rather than just their hats, making it easier to tell the assigned job of an alien at a glance.


It Came From Outer Space is a nice DLC pack that adds yet more content to a brilliant game. It is a shame that the alien Kingdom was not integrated with the other Kingdoms in my game, and there is nothing particularly new or exciting here. But if you need to extend your Kefling fix, then this pack will do the job.




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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