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Hands-On With Harry

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 4 - 2011

GGUK recently had the opportunity to visit the Warner Bros. offices and spend some magical time with the demo for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7. The game is based on the final three books and the final four movies in teh Harry Potter series. TT Games are renowned for making LEGO games based upon movies past and present, and their games, filled with humour and playability, have been well received over the years.


Beginning the game, I have the choice of playing as either Harry or Hermoine before jumping intothe madness and mayhem that LEGO games seem to deliver so very well. After a brief cutscene, I’m instantly transported to Godric’s Hollow to find a snow covered graveyard filled with half submerged headstones. In the faint darkness, I immediately set out to search for clues within the foreboding environment. The area is filled with gravestones and I begin carefully moving from one gravestone to the next, trying hard to work out the writing on each of them. I reach down to a gravestone that has caught my attention, and as I touch it, I’m instantly thrown into a flashback memory of Harry’s Father, Mother and Lord Voldermort. The cutscene is a brief, but powerful enough to leave a lasting footprint in my mind.


Suddenly, and without warning, I’m immediately tossed back into the cold bitter reality of the graveyard once again. The snow covered graves need melting and I set about clearing snow from the graves with a selection of items made available to me with the help of Hermoine. She can pull out her spell book to cast special spells that will cause the required effect. Different areas of the environment require Harry or Hermoine to carry out tasks by using the Y button, players can swap in and out of characters like previous LEGO games. There are a variety of special areas in which Hermoine pulls out her magical bag by using the B button which offers players the opportunity to use various oversized tools when solving puzzles.

Working my way into the nearest building, I move through and enter a room lined with bookshelves and a burning fireplace. In the corner is a stack of books that need removing, while I constantly smash every piece of furniture I can see into smithereens for the studs. Using the Aguamenti spell, I manage to create a spray of water that distinguishes the flames of the fire. Eventually a platform transforms into a purple and white monster that begins to consume the books, which leads me to the next section.


Its here that I follow Hilda Bagshot as we ascend the winding stairs to the next room.  As I carefully start looking around the room, in the background Hilda Bagshot suddently transforms into a green  basilisk snake, which needed to be destroyed quickly. Using the B button, Harry or Hermoine can levitate objects which can then be thrust into the snakes head. You’re going to have to wait for the game to come out to discover what happens next, because it’s at this point that the snake swallows up Harry and Hermoine and our demo came to an end.


However, you won’t have to wait long to try out the game for yourself, as the demo is now available on XBL and for PC on the LEGO Video Games page. The PS3 demo is also due very soon. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 will be hitting the shelves on November 18th.

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