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Kirby Mass Attack

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 14 - 2011

The pink puffball returns to the DS, and this time there are loads of him. It’s like a bag of marshmallows.


Kirby Mass Attack takes Nintendo’s pink iconic hero to the Popopo Islands for a journey of exploration. In this peaceful serene environment, so quiet and content, Kirby finds himself drifting off into a deep sleep. Suddenly and without warning, the villainous Necrodeus, leader of the Skull Gang, appears out of the sky. Necrodeus casts his magic spell on Kirby and splits Kirby into ten separate replicas of himself. After overpowering all but one Kirby, Necrodeus departs to pursue his plan. The last remaining Kirby looks up and suddenly a star catches his attention. This beautiful star warns Kirby that if he wishes to defeat Necrodeus, they must stick together and Kirby proceeds to follow the star, begining an adventure to finally defeat Necrodeus and reunite Kirby with his other selves.


The entire platform adventure is simply controlled by the stylus. Using the stylus, you can tap anywhere on the DS screen which makes the Kirby’s move to the desired location. Drawing a line with the stylus will allow Kirby to float along it, while a quick flick of each separate Kirby sends them catapulting to the designated spot. This is essentially important for reaching higher areas or attaching Kirby onto any flying enemies.

You begin your adventure with one individual Kirby, but before you know it, you’ve got a whole fleet of Kirby’s following your every move. Each of the levels is filled with a selection of delicious fruit for Kirby to consume and once he’s full up and manages to eat 100 points worth of his five a day, another mini Kirby spawns and this process continues until you’ve accumulated ten of the pink adorable puffballs. It’s highly entertaining to watch Kirby evolve into ten miniature copies of himself, because sometimes they do seem to wander off and possibly have a mind of their own if not watched intently.


Some enemies are easy to damage and destroy. Once you’ve tapped the desired spot your complete army of Kirby’s pay attention and jump on the enemy until they’ve completely pummeled them to death, or something like death that is a bit more pink and fluffy. The slightly bigger enemies take a little longer and a bit more effort to effectively take down.

Playing through the levels, Kirby is required to latch onto levers, press down on platforms and bash his way into a variety of blocks and it’s essential you have the required Kirby’s for the task at hand or your objective will not be fulfilled.
Unfortunately not taking good care of your Kirby’s may result in their untimely death, but there is a simple solution if you’re quick enough. Once your Kirby has turned blue and he’s attacked again, a small ghost will appear next to him. It’s at this point you think it’s all over, and resign yourself to having one less Kirby in your team. But then there is a moment of hope and you feel your faith restored. This is your opportunity to flick another one of the Kirby’s into the ghost and resurrected him, restoring your team to its former glory.

Throughout the game there are hidden medals to find, each of which unlock extra content or a new mini game such as whack-a-mole, a shooter and a pinball game. It’s brilliant that Nintendo have included something extra like this in the game, because sometimes a slight distraction from baby-sitting ten highly excitable puffballs is needed, especially when they won’t do what they’ve been told.


Kirby Mass Attack is, much like Kirby himself, a cute, pink ball of fun. Although the storyline isn’t particularly immersive, you can’t help but find yourself falling in love with Kirby and his little league of followers. The charming backdrops and problem solving environment has a great deal to offer to players and is constantly stimulating, giving the player a positive and rewarding feeling of accomplishment. The handheld game allows you to feel a touch of nostalgia as Kirby explores this rainbow filled platformer.

Even if you don’t know the pink marshmallow friend from back in 1992 when he first launched into our consoles, this is the ideal opportunity to take control of the stylus, form a relationship with each of the ten individual blobs of goodness and take a journey of exploration and fun, which leaves you with a positive feeling and an everlasting smile.



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