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Move Mind Benders

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 7 - 2011

Three games, one disc, loads of pointing at the screen.

Scooping up three downloadable games with a common theme onto one disc and then selling at retail is hardly a new practice, but it is one that I think is still quite welcome given that many people just don’t download games, for one reason or another, and I am still a fan of having something to put on the shelf alongside the rest of my collection.

But when the three games in question are all playable with the PlayStation Move controller, things get even better. There are not so many games out there that support the bobble-headed controller, so the more, the merrier is what I say.


So, Move Mind Benders, which will be retailing for around £17.99 in the UK, brings together three Move controlled PSN games into one tidy package, making a financial saving over buying them from PSN. Of course, this only applies if you have yet to buy any of the games on PSN. But so far things are all looking good. However, a compilation like this will rise or fall depending on the three games in question. Thankfully, they are all quite good.

The first game, and the real star of the show, is the wonderful perspective-based puzzler, Echochrome 2. In this game, players use the Move controller like a torch, shining onto a random looking collection of blocks on the screen. This creates shadows on the back wall, which must then be manipulated by moving the torch into platforms for a little shadow man to run along and reach the exit. As the player progresses, things get more difficult with different types of creating problems for the poor little shadow guy, such as holes in the ground, teleporting doorways and trampolines.The difficulty curve is fairly relaxed and doesn’t ask too much of the player, and there are different modes available to add variety. The relaxing voice work and atmosphere of the game carefully hides what can become a frantic dash to fix mistakes before the shadow man falls to his doom.

The second game is the classic Lemmings. Almost all gamers will have at some point played Lemmings, and so will know what to expect here. Save a given number of the green-haired creatures from killing themselves by assigning different jobs to individual Lemmings and getting them to the exit. Protect them fro a high fall using a blocker Lemming, reach high areas with platform building Lemmings and leap safely from that platform with umbrella wielding Lemmings. There is nothing new gameplay wise, with the only difference being that the player can use the Move controller to move the cursor, which is far preferable to analogue sticks.


The final game of the three is Moves PSN launch title, Tumble. Like a cross between Jenga and Tetris, the playeris charged with picking up blocks using the Move controller and stacking them to fulfill objectives. Different types of blocks with different properties and different sizes will all do their best to make the players’ towers tumble to the ground. This is quite a fun game that is only overshadowed by some difficulty using the Move controller, such as having great difficulty posting a block through a hole in the tutorial,because the block kept appearing behind the hole.

All three of the games are reasonably relaxing, especially in comparison to the last Move game that I played (House of the Dead: Overkill – Extended Cut). This collection is all about the calm use of the Move controller and rewards careful precision over hasty movements.

Visually, all three games are bright and easy on the eye. Everything looks nice on the big screen, even the Lemmings game which I had my doubts about. The games are linked together by a menu which allows the player to choose between them. One slight irritation is having to quite the game every time I want to move to a different title, as there is no way to return to the menu. But as the games are not quick-hit titles, players will likely spend more time with just one game than flitting between the three, so this problem should not really have much effect.


As I said at the beginning, I am quite a fan of bundles of downloadable games on disc, and this is quite a good bundle. However, there is a reason why I don’t already have any of these games, and that is because they are not the most exciting or compelling of games. There is nothing wrong with them, they just don’t make you sit up and go “Ooooh”. Putting the three together makes them a more attractive prospect, and these are the ideal games to get the family working together over the Christmas period if you have a Move controller in the house.




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