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Start The Party: Save The World

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 16 - 2011

I thought you were supposed to save the cheerleader?

So far as party games go for the PlayStation Move, the choice has been limited until just lately. Now, amongst the flock of Move games being released for Christmas, we find the sequel to possibly the best party game from Move’s launch. Start The Party: Save The World.


Just as before, Start The Party: Save The world is a collection of mini-games that can be played with the PlayStation Move controller. Besides offering the obvious motion controlled gaming goodness, this game utilises the camera to put the player into the game in a number of entertaining ways. There are some 20 odd games here which are aimed at the younger audience, but will be just as entertaining for older gamers as well.

Start The Party: Save The World has a loose storyline, more of a theme really, which involves an obviously evil Dr. Terrible trying to destroy the world. So far as stories go, there reallly is not much there. But it serves the purpose of linking all of the mini-games together under one simple theme.


The variety of the games is quite impressive. One minute you may be pulling divers up from the ocean’s floor, avoiding jellyfish. Next you will be shooting evil bomb-laden helicopters from the back of a speeding car. You could find yourself catching sailors in a saucepan as they are forced to walk the plank, or destroying evil flying dinosaurs by spitting bugs at them, before they make off with your cavemen. One thing that carries through all of the games is that they are bright, colourful and easy to play.

To add some competition, beyond the “take it in turns and see who scores highest” of the multiplayer, all of the games offer another player the chance to join in using a regular controller to make life difficult for the Move player. This is usually in the form of the second player controlling one of the hazards from the game, such as the jellyfish or sharks.

Single player offers two different modes. First up is the standard free play which allows the player to try out any of the games and, hopefully, get placed on the leaderboard. The second mode is a bit more interesting though. Survivor challenges the player to keep playing until the time runs out. The mini-games jump from one to the next at an alarming rate and the player can increase their time left by scoring in the games. It is quite a frantic mode, but a lot of fun.

Multiplayer also offers two modes, quick play and party play. Quick play sees the player run through a selection of games in a quick-hit manner, before handing the controller to the next player. High score wins. The party play mode is more or less the same, but the players can choose how long they wish to play each game for, giving a more controlled experience.


Much of the fun will come from the way that the game puts the player into the scene. This can be anything from the players face being superimposed onto the avatars, to the player and their surroundings appearing behind a window in an apartment block as the player thrusts a tennis racquet throw the windows to bounce bombs away. The uses are varied and will entertain younger and new players no end.

But, as with all party games, Start The Party: Save The World has a limited appeal. If you are a bit of a party animal and are constantly having friends and family over, then it will be a surefire hit. However, the game will have absolutely no interest for gamers who see their hobby as a solo pastime, or whose friends are all in a virtual sense.


If you still own the original Start The Party, then chances are that you will get a lot out of this title. The games are fun and easy to play, perfect for the party atmosphere after the dancing has finished. They are also bright and pleasing to look at, which will make them ideal for the younger gamers. The game doesn’t try to be anything it’s not and does what it should very well. It is recommended to Move party gamers, but will have much less appeal to everyone else.




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