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Tetris 3DS

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 7 - 2011

It’s been thirty years since the original Tetris lit up our screens on the Gameboy, and since then it’s held the stage on multiple platforms throughout the years. The latest version of the game, Tetris 3DS or Tetris Axis across the pond, has appeared on the Nintendo 3DS with the all too familiar feel that we’ve come to expect and a  few surprises along the way.


With over 20 different single and mutiplayer modes, it’s easy to think that the same game is being replayed through multiple formats, but what we see is a fresh and renewed classic game giving the collection on Tetris 3DS a more appealing feel.

With your Nintendo Mii character dancing and parading around in the bottom screen, it’s simply easy to jump straight into the Marathon Mode. This enables players to make up lines until the game fills right up to the top and records your best time and high score. In Computer Battle, ten COM characters appear one after the other  in some competitive challenges in which you can use items to interfere with your opponents gameplay. In Survival mode, you play in narrow matrix with incoming blocks that begin surfacing from the bottom and slowly move their way to the top.
Fever mode is very similar to Survival mode, but with a 60 second time limit on the clock and your objective is to rapidly make up as many lines as humanly possible, while racking up a high score and collecting special coins to spend on various items. Once you’ve gathered enough coins, you can purchase items that will help you in your quest for victory. Fever enables players to connect to SpotPass in order to unlock special items and connect with other players.

There is a good selection of power-ups including a special colour attack, which flips the board around for a couple of seconds, giving you an opportunity to boost up your score. Fever is ideal if you want a quick hit this fun game, if you don’t have much time to fully invest in the full game.


The party modes are full of strange modes, along with a few activities and mini games. In Jigsaw, you have to carefully piece together a picture that has been made out of a single tile in the quickest time possible. Fit is another mode, where you shoot Tertriminoes into a series of gaps. Eventually the gaps expand and you’re forced to use more of the pieces. In Bombliss, the tetriminoes have a couple of bombs that can activate a chain reaction of cleared lines.

In AR mode, you simply place an AR Card on the table in front of you and watch the game come to life. Much like the 3D effect which is available in the game modes, it is nothing more than a gimmick that looks impressive but adds very little to the gameplay.


The controls in Tetris 3DS are simple to use and control of the Tetrominoes is achieved using the d-pad. Over lengthy periods of gameplay, a warning flashes up to inform you that you need to take a break. At the heart of this game lies the same favourable formula we’ve enjoyed over many years with the added ingredients of unique 3DS AR capabilities to invest our time in. With five Local Multiplayer modes and three Download Play modes designed for up to eight people to enjoy at one time, it’s a worthwhile investment for those who have enjoyed Tetris on previous formats. If you’ve got some friends with the Tetris 3DS game, you can even go online and compete against the rest of the world over the Internet using the World Battle and Friend Battle game modes.

Without a doubt, Tetris 3DS is worth your attention if you are a fan of the falling block game and will provide countless hours of fun. Tetris 3DS is a mixture of past and present mechanics thrown together with some graphical novelties that will still be a firm favorite amongst many gamers.



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