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The Mama Of Tomorrow

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 7 - 2011

What does the future hold for gaming’s most hard-working lady?


With the launch of Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic later this month, it got us in the GGUK office to thinking about new directions that Mama can take in the future, new games which she could be part of. It all started with some fairly sensible ideas…

The Good

A collection of mini games revolving around looking after exotic animals – Zoo Keeping Mama

Or even some more run of the mill creatures – Petting Zoo Mama

How about mini games that involve both animals and crops – Farming Mama

Perhaps Mama needs to get away from the chores and have some “me” time – Shopping Mama

An exercise game fronted by Mama – Pilates Mama

After all the work she has done, Mama could use a holiday – Cruise Ship Mama (not to be confused with “cruising Mama” which will feature in the ugly section)

The kids will need running to football practice/ballet/friends parties etc. – Driving Mama

Maybe Mama is more of an adventure holiday lady – Action Mama

A night out with the girls could lead to a singing game – Karaoke Mama

At long last her talent has been recognised and Mama has been whisked off to Hollywood – Superstar Mama

However, as with many things in life, it didn’t take long for things to start getting a little bit silly…

The Bad

A puzzle game mixed with Genealogy – Who’s Your Mama?

A game involving pipes and hugely inflated quotes – Plumber Mama

Mama visits the White House to become advisor to the President – Obama Mama

A FPS game with Mama hunting terrorists in Afghanistan – Osama Mama

A game in which Mama looks after a small holding with only one type of animal – Llama Farmer Mama

Or one type of fruit – Banana Farmer Mama

Mama forms an 80s all-girl pop group – Bananarama Mama

Or hosts a TV show about Japanese culture – Japanorama Mama

A game in which Mama dies and then comes back and has to atone for her past sins – Karma Mama

But then things took a turn for the worse as we began to enter areas into which Mama would never go, and would likely send us to bed without tea just for mentioning…

The Ugly

Mini games revolving around severed body parts – Dr. Frankenmama

A chemistry-based game with an edgy twist – Crack House Mama

To make some extra cash, Mama starts running a Brothel – Madame Mama

Mama starts stealing peoples cars at gun-point – Car Jacking Mama

A bunch of mini games in which the player has to come up with different ways to kill complete strangers, whilst following an overall theme – Serial Killing Mama

Mama drives the streets in search of… well, I will leave that to your imagination – Cruising Mama

It was at this point that we decided that lines were being crossed and that we should all sit down quietly and have a biscuit.

Who knows what the future will hold for Mama, or what happened to Papa, but one thing is for certain – whatever she is doing, you can be sure that she is doing it with a smile. Wonderful!


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