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We Sing Rock!

Posted by GG Goblin On November - 28 - 2011

More songs to sing to – this time with a rock flavour!

Shall we keep it simple? If you don’t know the formula to Nordic Games’ reasonably priced karaoke series by now, especially considering We Sing UK Hits was only launched a few weeks ago, then it can be taken as read that you have no interest in singing games and that your parties are likely quiet affairs, devoid of both raucous singing and the inevitable embarrassment that follows on the morning after. That’s fine, this game will probably not interest you then.


That is, unless you are a Rock God and you have been waiting for a singing game that will truely appeal to your gravely voice and long permed hair. If this is the case, then Nordic Games may well have hit the nail on the head with We Sing Rock!

As with other games in the series, the basics all remain the same. Players get to warble along to their favorite tunes , trying to match the pitch in order to score. Up to four players can either compete or work together in the eight multiplayer modes and there is even a jukebox mode should you want to just enjoy the songs and their videos without having to strain the vocal chords. Should the player find that their singing skills are not quite up to scratch, they can always indulge in some singing lessons – although some players may be completely beyond help.

Where this particular package differs is in the songs themselves. We Sing Rock! contains a collection of songs that Nordic Games have decided are rock songs. Whilst I do heartily agree with the majority of the songs included, there are a few which could really only loosely be called rock. I can’t help but feel Coldplay is just taking the mickey.


But for the most part, the tunes are pretty rocking. Everyone should summon their inner Lemmy and indulge in some Ace of Spades by Motorhead, or go Rollin’ with Limp Bizkit. The 40 songs, which span six decades of rock, are gauranteed to get heads bangin’ and the mosh pit moving. Well, maybe not the mosh pit, but you never know.

At the end of the day, purchasing this particular title will likely come down purely to your musical tastes. Personally, I like almost all of the songs offered here, and even know the words to many already. So for me, this title is a no-brainer and automatically rises to be my favorite karaoke game.


However, it is all a matter of taste and if rock is not your thing, there will be no reason to pick this up. Nothing has changed since the last installment in the We Sing series except for the songs. Given that these games are mostly enjoyed by the younger generation, I would imagine that this collection of rock tunes will be less popular than the recently released UK Hits. But overall, this is a very competent package that will appeal to anyone with a love of rock. Like me.




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