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Joe Danger Special Edition

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 23 - 2011

“My Joe Danger is more special than yours”

Hello Games, a small indie developer, made quite a big splash with the release of Joe Danger in the summer of 2010. For a debut title, the puzzle/platform/racing game had a high level of polish and a surprisingly addictive quality, resulting in our very own Bazaboy simply gushing over the game. The only downside was that it was only available on PS3 and Xbox360 owners were left having to press their noses up at windows to catch a glimpse.


However, the balance has not only been restored, but now tipped firmly in the favour of the Xbox360 players, as Joe Danger Special Edition is now available on XBLA for 1200 MSPoints. It was worth the wait…

The basic game remains more or less the same, with the player controlling their motorbike rider as he screams towards the end of each obstacle filled track, collecting stars, racing against time, occasionally competing with other racers, grabbing letters and pulling tricks. Achieving objectives unlocks other courses to play through, each increasing in difficulty at a steady rate ensuring that the player doesn’t get overwhelmed – at least until they are well and truly hooked to the game.


All of this was enough to give the game a healthy 8.5/10 on the PS3, but Hello Games have taken advantage of the downtime in a very productive way. There have been some tweaks made to the base game, improving both the way it looks and the way it performs, with loading times cut substantially. I would have been happy at this point with a very enjoyable game, but the Devs didn’t stop there…

Two major additions justify the “Special Edition” title – Pro Medals and The Lab. The Pro Medals add a whole new level of challenge and reward to the game. There are 25 Pro Medals spread throughout the game and are awarded once the player achieves all of the objectives on a given level in a single run. This is no mean feat, but once accomplished the player is rewarded with such goodies as new playable characters or swag for their Avatar.

The Lab on the other hand is a whole new set of more concentrated levels to try and play through. This collection of new levels challenge the player to use everything they have learnt in the full game with precise timing and rapid reflexes, extending the game by a good few hours.


With Joe Danger SE on XBLA, you are not only getting the full Joe Danger experience from the PS3 version, but you are also getting a more polished version of the game with a ton of new content added in. Those of you who are lucky enough to own multiple consoles and picked up this game on PSN need not look on in disappointment, if ever there was a game worth buying twice, this is it. The additional content and tweaks that have been made will ensure that you not only enjoy the original game all over again, but keep coming back for a long time to come. Highly recommended!




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