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Robotech: The Complete Series DVD Boxed Set

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 5 - 2011

Big Robots – Need I say more?

Unlike the US, the importing and airing of Japanese animated movies and shows took a long time to really take off here in the UK. But despite this, most people with a passing interest in either Anime or sci-fi will have heard of Robotech.


This sci-fi animated epic actually consists of three separate “series”, each revolving around a different war between Earth and extraterrestrials. The first Robotech war, known as the Macross Saga, begins with the discovery of a crashed alien ship on Earth and a race known as the Zentraedi  who have been sent to retrieve the ship.

The second Robotech war, known as The Masters, revolves around the arrival of the Robotech Masters. These beings want back the only means of producing Protoculture, an energy source discovered by Humanity during the Macross Saga. The third Robotech war, known as The New Generation, involves the conquering of Earth by an alien race known as the Invid.

Although the entire series spans multiple generations of Humans, everything is tied together really well. Humanity makes use of the technology from the crashed alien spaceship in the creation of Mecha, transformable robots, which is an idea that has carried through to many more modern franchises. With its evolving universe, ongoing storylines and engaging characters, the series went on to be a massive cult favorite.

However, as with many cult favorites, the very fact that this “space opera” never made it to mainstream here in the UK meant that many fans of sci-fi and Anime missed out on this epic series. Go Entertain have sought to remedy this with the release of Robotech: The Complete Series DVD Boxed Set, which is now available for an RRP of £69.99.

Suitable for both fans of the series and newcomers, this glorious boxed set contains 18 discs of Robotech goodness, including all 85 episodes of the Anime classic. There is also a massive 10 hours of bonus content in the form of deleted scenes, alternate endings and a brand new documentary about Carl Macek, the creator of the series.

With everything digitally restored, Robotech looks and sounds brilliant. It may not have all of the bells and whistles that modern animated series have, but that doesn’t take away from the immersive storyline. Rather, it gives a feeling of nostalgia and a sense that the viewer is watching something that has gone on to inspire so many more projects.

Fans of Robotech, Anime, sci-fi and even Transformers would do well to pick up this massive boxed set. With all 85 episodes and a mass of additional content, there is plenty here to keep the viewer in front of the TV for ages and let them experience what is a landmark in the history of Anime.




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