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Tekken Hybrid

Posted by GG Goblin On December - 1 - 2011

Here is a strange offering from Namco Bandai, a movie complete with one and a bit games. Given that the majority of games based on movies, and indeed movies based on games, are not especially good, I am surprised that more of these bundles haven’t turned up on the PS3 to offer incentive to buy. Still, I suppose that we should thank heavens for small mercies.

But this particular bundle packages together the Tekken Blood Vengeance CGI movie, which is also 3D for those of you with fancy TVs, an HD remake of Tekken Tag Tournament and a little, four character teaser of the sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, all squeezed onto one Blu-Ray disc and walloped into a case with a price tag of £29.99. So, let’s break this down.


The movie, Tekken Blood Vengeance, is set between Tekken 5 and 6 and involves both Kazuya and Jin trying to get their hands on an immortal kid. The plot never really goes anywhere interesting. But for fans of the Tekken series, there is actually quite a lot here to get excited about. Incredibly impressive fight scenes featuring your favorite characters are something special and the beautiful CGI combined with some quite cool uses of 3D, for those that can watch the movie in 3D, all make the movie worthwhile for the fans.

The HD remake of Tekken Tag Tournament is another nod in the fans direction. This PS2 title, which many though of as a stop gap between Tekken 3 and Tekken 4, has been carefully updated to HD whilst maintaining all of the original features and controls. However, this doesn’t prevent the game from both looking dated and playing with a decidedly retro feel.

18964Tekken_Hybrid HD Screen 4_600x338

Players new to the game can jump into a practice session and get to grips with the moves and combos. Button mashers will be able to survive a fair while, but it is the die-hard experts, with the perfect timing and knowledge of all the combos, that will get the most out of this game. There is a decent roster of different characters to choose from and the gameplay is fast and frantic, as you would expect from a slightly older fighting game. Fans will be pleased to hear that even the Tekken Bowl mini-game, in which players actually go bowling with their favorite fighters, is included to add just a little more to this package.

Ironically, the most interesting part of this package is the one least worthy of your money, as it is only a demo. Okay, it may be a demo for the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and it may have many of the features from Tekken 6. But it is still just a demo. It features four playable characters, who so happen to be main characters from the movie, plays really well and looks gorgeous. But it is still just a demo – did I say that before?

19330TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 Prologue_600x338

Tekken Hybrid is a difficult one to recommend to any but the most fanatical Tekken fans. On one hand, you are getting a full CGI 3D movie, an arcade game and an impressive demo for an upcoming game, which offers some variety and a feeling of getting your moneys worth. But on the other hand, if you really break it down, the movie is not that great – would you buy it if it were packaged by itself? – the arcade game is just an HD remake which would likely not sell for much on PSN, and the demo should be free anyway.

If you are a massive Tekken fan who is yearning for the old PS2 days, or who is getting giddy at the idea of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, then you will probably enjoy this bundle. Otherwise, it may be best just to wait for Tag Tournament 2 to arrive and provide your Tekken fix.




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