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Science Museum To Launch Futurecade

Posted by GG Goblin On January - 31 - 2012

Developed by Preloaded, Futurecade is a suite of games that explore the future of science and technology and their impact on humanity. Futurecade will go live on February 2nd.

Futurecade is a free suite of online games commissioned by Science Museum as part of the Talk Science programme. Designed to be thought provoking, fun, and relevant to teenagers’ interests, the games are based on simulations of current and future technology in the fields of robotics, space, geo-engineering and synthetic biology.

Developed by BAFTA award-winning games studio Preloaded, the games aim to raise questions about how the underlying science and technology could impact on humanity, and gives students the confidence to find their own voice and have a say in how science plays out in their own lives.

- Batco-Lab: “E.coli bacteria can be engineered so they make useful products. Engineer your E.coli in the right order. Don’t make a mistake – you might create harmful mutant

- Robo-Lobster: “Robotic lobsters have been designed to destroy mines in the sea. Take control of your Robo-Lobsters and keep the harbour safe from attack!”

- Cloud Control: “The Earth’s climate is changing. Use Flettner ships to brighten clouds so they reflect sunlight and lower the Earth’s temperature.”

- Space Junker: “The Earth is surrounded by orbiting space junk. Keep our satellites safe by clearing the skies with your Space Junker craft.”

The Science Museum recognises that using the right tools to engage teenagers with science and technology is key. Thought provoking questions encourage the player to consider the applications and implications of science in their lives, and to make students want to find out more.

Beth Hawkins, Learning Resources Manager at the Science Museum says, “We believe that games provide great opportunities for learning in an increasingly digital society. As well as being motivating and rewarding, games can embrace different learning styles and reach those who don’t respond to conventional teaching methods.”

“Futurecade is aimed squarely at the casual-game playing public” says Phil Stuart, Creative Director of Preloaded. “Contemporary game design combined with scientific rigour has resulted in a set of games which can deliver mass engagement with high educational value”

Checkout Futurecade at www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/futurecade from February 2nd.



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