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Atlus Online Launches Open Beta for Knights of The Sky

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 10 - 2012

Atlus Online, dedicated to massively online gaming and entertainment, today launched the Open Beta for their upcoming free browser-based MMORTS, Knights of the Sky, compatible with all major browsers.


Knights of the Sky is Atlus Online’s first browser title, a massively online real-time strategy game offering deep tactical gameplay. With no files to download or install, players can instantly step into the role of a Lord and take charge of a Sky Castle, airships, and territories! Thanks to its real-time resource management, challenging wars, and engaging plotline, Knights of the Sky is sure to please casual and hardcore gamers across the world.

The newly launched Open Beta provides gamers the opportunity to experience the game before the official launch. Their participation will provide developers invaluable feedback to refine and improve the game. Returning Closed Beta players will notice numerous bug fixes and enhancements, along with Quick Battle feature and increased Level Cap.

About Knights of the Sky


In ancient times, the people of Odyssya lived under a tyrant. His council manipulated the arcane arts to keep the masses oppressed. Then, heroes discovered Alchemy and, with its power, challenged the monarchy….The world was torn asunder by magic, chaos, and war. From the ashes, two new powers emerged: the Empire, the survivors of the age-old families and traditional ways; and the Federation, the revolutionists seeking a new way of life. Now the players enter as Lords claiming territory for one of the two great factions of Odyssya.

It’s up to the players to determine if the past will repeat itself, or if the future will include two realms built on peace and equality!

Key Features

* Rule Every Aspect of Your Sky Castle -­- Take charge in combat, directing your army to victory. Use Hero units to lead up to six different soldier classes into battle. Fight other players for resources, dominance, and power!
* Grow in Strength with Loot and New Heroes — Collect powerful weapons, discover ancient treasures, and recruit heroes and other players into your faction.
* Make Progress Even When You’re Away — Protect your allied players while they’re offline, and plan your future construction projects for when you’re away! Your success will not go unnoticed… Completed achievements and player rankings will be viewable by the Knights of the Sky community!

To register, play, and find more info about Knights of the Sky, visit the official website at http://knightsofthesky.atlusonline.com.

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