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BIT.TRIP Complete Preview

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 6 - 2012

It’s all about the rhythm.


Commander Video, the old-school sprite who acts as the hero of the BIT.TRIP games from Gaijin Entertainment, certainly has rhythm and puts it into use in all six of the games included in this compilation for the Wii. They have all been seen before, with each game being released as WiiWare, but each of these retro-styled musical adventures come with additional content in the form of challenge levels, making BIT.TRIP Complete an attractive prospect even to gamers who have purchased the individual games previously.


Each of the games come in a different flavour, with rhythm being the central concept that ties them all together. Beat is first up and has the player deflecting balls by tilting their WiiMote, all in time with the music. Core is next and takes a bit more getting used to. The player launches laser beams from a stationary point in the centre of the screen, either up, down, left or right, to eradicate objects that come flying from the edges. Not as easy as it sounds.


Void challenges the player to collect black pixels, which make the void grow, whilst avoiding the white pixels. Things get more and more tense as the void grows making it much more difficult to keep out of the way of the white pixels.

Commander Video gets a good workout in Runner, a constant running game in which the hero finds himself jumping, sliding and kicking his way through multiple levels, all in time with music. Finally there is Fate, an on-rails shooter in which the Commander needs to collect power-ups and shoot down enemies.


The games themselves are all fairly simple, at least they would be to someone who has rhythm. When I tried them out, maybe I was having a rhythm-free day or something, but they all were difficult to grasp. They are, however, all very compulsive and took me back in time to when games relied not on fancy graphics or gameplay, but simple ideas which compelled the player to keep trying for a better score. Even though I was awful at the games, it didn’t stop me from trying to master them. Sadly I didn’t have the spare couple of years needed to do so…


BIT.TRIP Complete, when it launches in the UK alongside its 3DS equivalent BIT.TRIP Saga, will be available as a discount-priced Wii title (currently listed as £17.99 on Amazon). So, considering the variety of the different games in this package and how long they are likely to last to fans of retro gaming, BIT.TRIP Complete will be well worth picking up. Essential Wii games are relatively few and far between, but Wii players who have never tried their hand at the BIT.TRIP games before should consider this title an essential purchase. The vast majority of the games are based on your reactions and sense of rhythm and generally listening to the beats, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

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