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The PlayStation Vita Teardown

Posted by TurtleGirl On February - 17 - 2012

Let’s break open the PlayStation Vita…how about ‘let’s not’


The PlayStation Vita is due to launch next week and the guys over at iFixit who apparently don’t break gadgets, they simply just rip them apart are going to basically pull Sony’s beloved new handheld apart to take a look inside.


Everytime I see these images, I’m sure a part of myself is screaming inside, don’t do it. But they have, and we are going to investigate the interiors of the PS Vita.


After much deliberation and a step by step guide to pulling apart the PS Vita, the iFixit team has deemed a repairability score of 8 out of 10. All the screws are standard Philips #00. No security or proprietary bits here. Modular design means lower repair costs because the small parts can be individually replaced. Only one component was held in place with adhesive; the rear touch panel.


The battery is not easily accessible, but is definitely serviceable by the average user armed with the required screwdriver. The front plastic is fused to the OLED making the replacement of the display more expensive. So what have we learned from their guide? Don’t pull your brand new PS Vita apart, unless you’re a professional, because we know if you take it apart at home, you’re going to find yourself with one extra screw that doesn’t go anywhere!

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