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Vita – Did You Eat My Memory?

Posted by GG Goblin On February - 24 - 2012

The glorious glow of a new gadget, sitting on my desk staring at me, yearning to be played with. Yep, it had to be done, I picked up a Vita on Wednesday. I also picked up an 8GB memory card…

My local store only had the 4GB and 8GB memory cards available, with the 16GB cards already sold out to pre-orders. I didn’t think this would be a problem as I could pace myself until I could get a larger card. And it would have all been alright were it not for some secret monster hiding within my Vita eating all of my memory.

The thing is, I downloaded some stuff, took a few photos and even recorded a video. By this point, less than 24 hours later, I only had just over 1GB left – and I wanted another game. Not a problem, just delete some of the stuff I had already got and get it back at a later date. So I deleted a demo, then a game, then another game, then another, then got rid of the photos and video – in short I deleted everything that I had downloaded or stored on there, with the exception of game saves, and I still had nearly 3GB missing.

So where has this 3GB disappeared to? I realise that the games that I have played take up space for save games and such, but surely you are only talking maybe 100MB max? I can only conclude that the Vita has eaten it…

Which is, of course, silly. So I put forward this request – Do you know where my missing memory has gone? If you have seen my memory, please contact us at the usual address and take comfort in the fact that you may have helped reunite this poor, lost memory with its owner. Thank You.


Well, it would seem that in the cold, hard light of day my memory has decided to return. Where had it gone? No idea. I can only assume that in the depths of the night it chose to go and hang out with the suspicious looking third-party PS2 memory cards from down the street. Obviously the Vita memory is easily influenced. Do you know where your Vita memory is at night???


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