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Can You Draw Something?

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 19 - 2012

Are you and your friends playing the most popular social drawing and guessing game on iOS and Android?

You can’t move at the moment for people wandering the streets in a daze as they try to work out what the badly scribbled picture on their iOS or Android devices is. Seats are taken up by amateur doodlers trying desperately to create an image that can be guessed to be the word in question. Draw Something, by OMGPOP, is taking over the world.


The simple concept is similar to pictionary. You choose a word, valued at either one, two or three coins dependant on the difficulty, and then you draw it on your device. It is then sent to whoever you happen to be playing with and they get to not only see your picture, but watch you draw it, mistakes and all. They must then try to guess the word, with a selection of letters available to help the more anagram minded players. Then the roles switch and play continues, for as long as you want.

It is a very basic idea, but it works so well. The player can have multiple games running at any one time, thanks to FaceBook integration, and the base game is available for free. There is also an ad-free version of the game available, for those with some spare change in their pockets and an aversion to advertising.

As players guess words, they receive coins dependant on the words difficulty. These coins can be spent on buying new packs of words, new colours with which to draw (the free version only comes with black, red, blue and yellow) or bombs which can remove some of the unused letters when it comes to guessing.

The main appeal of the game is the hilarious pictures that turn up. Some players take the game very seriously and have managed to create some real masterpieces. But for the most part, the pictures rarely resemble what they are supposed to, such as the one I am currently trying to figure out which looks like some kind of chicken/dinosaur hybrid.

Draw Something can be picked up for free on iOS and Android, so grab a friend and start having some fun


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