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Do You Ski-Doo?

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 6 - 2012

If you don’t, you soon can. Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge will be available for PS3 from this Friday (March 9th).

Snowmobile racing and Ski-Doo racing has never felt so real – race across 4 different countries on over 25 different tracks, split across 4 different disciplines – compete on your own in single player or with up to 12 people worldwide in the online multi-player modes.

Reach blistering speeds of over 100mph with HD cinematic speed effects and attempt over 16 dangerous stunts to fill your adrenaline bar – then hit overdrive to burst past the competition!

Every Ski-Doo featured in the game has been modelled on its real world counterpart to give an un-paralleled level of authenticity. Choose from 20 unique Ski-Doo’s then customise your selection and your character to personalise your gaming experience.

Ski-Doo are synonymous with snowmobiles – they set the bar for which others aspire to by constantly innovating and consistently delivering snowmobiles that outperform any other. Ski-Doo Challenge takes this unique experience onto the PlayStation 3 with every minute detail being meticulously captured.

Features include:

- The first snowmobile racing game from world renowned industry leaders ‘Ski-Doo’.
- Tear through 25 tracks at over 100 mph with HD cinematic speed effects
- Go head-to-head in 12 player online matches using PSN
- Compete in Snow Cross, Cross Country, Aerial Freestyle, and Hill Cross events
- Perform 16 dangerous stunts in mid-air, for big points… if you can land them!
- Earn Adrenaline with tricks and treachery, then go into Overdrive
- Ride 20 authentic Ski-Doo snowmobiles
- Purchase upgrades for every sled, customize their colours and decals
- Personalize your rider with official Ski-Doo gear


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SXR2_Refl 2008-06-19 16-17-58-39_600x450

SXR2_Refl 2008-06-19 16-35-32-73_600x450

SXR2_Refl 2008-06-19 16-43-26-39_600x450

SXR2_Refl 2008-06-19 17-25-39-89_600x450

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