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Gerbil Physics On Windows Phones

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 14 - 2012

Pencel Games’ Xbox Live Indie game is today available for Windows Phones, complete with leaderboards and achievements via Xbox Live.

We here at GGUK are big fans of the Gerbil Physics games and are excited to hear that the game has been picked up by Microsoft for Windows Phones. As an official release, the game has received a few notable upgrades -

-Physics engine upgrade. This pushes the new game light years ahead of its predecessors. Everything is liquid smooth and very realistic, shapes handle like objects should.

-More levels. Over 70+ levels included in the game, more to come with title updates, thats more levels than GP 1 & 2 put together!

-Insane amount of new animations! This new game has more than four times the animation per gerbil. Now the little buggers have all sorts of different fully animated responses. Gerbil even have directional physics based reaction animations for collisions!

Here’s the official word -


Remember how much fun it was to kick down a sandcastle when you were younger? Maybe you still enjoy doing that? Well, this game is that feeling made digital. In fact it’s better because you get to use awesome destructive tools!

Buildings formed of gerbils await destruction for your amusement using a variety of demolition tools. Use bombs, explosives and disintegrators to wreak havoc across multiple danger-packed worlds, earn Xbox LIVE Achievements and dominate your friends on the Leaderboards! A powerful physics engine ensures that gerbils respond to your mass detonations exactly as real gerbils might.

So here is the story: all is not well in the Kingdom of Gerbils. The King of Toads has imprisoned the gerbils in indestructible blocks for his evil purposes. Unsurprisingly, it falls to you to demolish the gerbil buildings and thwart the Toad King!

Carefully plan a destruction strategy using disintegrators or just let rip with a barrage of powerful explosives. Complete levels cleverly or quickly to earn the elusive Wipeout badges and use your guile and intuition to earn Xbox LIVE Achievements. Multiple Leaderboards are available to show off your skills to your friends so you can bask in the glory of your explosive successes! It is simple to play, has an intuitive interface, and is ideally suited to mobile gaming. It is suitable for all ages.

Gerbil Physics is inspired by the highly rated and critically acclaimed Xbox 360 Indie game of the same name, described as being “as adorable as it is enthralling”, “dangerously, hypnotically addictive” and “fantastic… fell in love with it from the first play”. It has been wholly rewritten to suit the mobile platform, with a new state-of-the-art physics engine, glorious new art and animations, tons of cunningly designed new levels and an awesome new theme tune.

No gerbils were hurt in the making of this game.


Gerbil Physics Screenshot 11

Gerbil Physics Screenshot 01

Gerbil Physics Screenshot 04

Gerbil Physics Screenshot 06

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