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Squash Coming To Wii And PC

Posted by GG Goblin On March - 28 - 2012

I can remember a lot of people playing Squash back in the ’70s and early ’80s, but obviously it is still popular now as Lace Mamba Global will be bringing WSF Squash 2012 to the Wii and PC in July.

WSF Squash 2012 is a realistic simulation of the fast-paced indoor racquet game. It features all the fun of a real game of Squash, brings in all the tactical challenges, allows to play all shots, including drives, corkscrews, boasts and more, and features 12 realistically modelled players from the official 2012 roster of the WSF international Squash players.

The game features single player matches and tournaments versus computer players, as well as one-to-one matches and online multiplayer tournaments on PC and Wii. This makes it not only a great Squash simulation for all sports fans, but also a fun and entertaining training tool for Squash clubs around the world.

WSF Squash 2012 also allows players to create their own Squash player, train his abilities and choose from a set of equipment. Tournaments can be held at iconic locations throughout the world.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with the World Squash Federation to bring the first official Squash video game to retailers throughout the world. Squash is an exciting sport, having a vast fanbase all over the world: The WSF counts more than 147 member federations, totalling to a number of 20 million organized and registered players. There are more than 50,000 squash courts in the world, and the sport is about to become an Olympic discipline shortly. WSF Squash 2012 will be an important, fast-paced and fun addition to the sports video gaming world”, says Jason Codd, Managing Director Lace Mamba Global.

WSF Squash 2012 screenshot 001_600x330

WSF Squash 2012 screenshot 002_600x375

WSF Squash 2012 screenshot 003_600x331

WSF Squash 2012 screenshot 004_600x330

WSF Squash 2012 screenshot 007_600x330

WSF Squash 2012 screenshot 008_600x330

WSF Squash 2012 screenshot 010_600x330

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