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Drive Fast Think Faster, Win A Prize

Posted by GG Goblin On April - 23 - 2012

The incredibly difficult XBL Indie Game from Zebra Games, Drive Fast Think Faster, launched on Friday and now offers an “awesome” prize to the first person to complete the game.

Are you up for a challenge? Willing to spend 80 MSPoints on a game? Fancy winning an awesome prize (which may not be that awesome)? Then maybe you should head over to XBL Indie games and pick up Drive Fast Think Faster.

The player needs to not only negotiate jumps and loops as they drive their car, but also switch car colours to follow the track. Word is that the game is maddeningly difficult. To address this, the developers Zebra Games released the following press release –


We here at Zebra Games released Drive Fast Think Faster on Friday. The game is selling pretty well, however the online leaderboard is full of fail! Only a few people have even gotten close to completing it. Let’s face it, we think we overcooked the difficulty.

However, we think there must be people out there looking for a challenge! If that’s you and you can be the first to appear on our leaderboards having completed the whole game including “The Final Challenge” then you could win an awesome* prize.

Once you hit 8 levels completed on the scoreboard then just email ideserveamedal@zebragames.co.uk to claim your prize, and be the envy of all your friends**.

* prize may not actually be that awesome

** friends may not actually be that impressed

For more information on the game see www.zebragames.co.uk



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