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Do You Pixwoo?

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 31 - 2012

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s another Social Network on the block, and this one is just for gamers.

Pixwoo began in France only last year with a simple goal, to bring together the games industry and the players in one social space. Now, with Pixwoo rolling out across the rest of Europe, North America and Asia, the social network is enjoying success as gamers and companies, such as Sega and THQ, are using the site as part of their everyday social networking activity.

At a time when social networking sites are everywhere, and a new one pops up nearly every day, what is the goal of the fledgling site? Pixwoo’s founder Pascal Vielhescaze comments, “As an avid gamer and social networker I’ve experienced firsthand how finding likeminded gamers in a social environment can be as challenging as the game itself.  The idea behind Pixwoo is to join the hands of the games industry and its supporters and create a platform neutral site for like-minded people to get together.  Special interest community sites are the future of social networking; Pixwoo’s goal is to become the destination social network site for video gaming, with a space tailored for all to share their feedback, stories and experiences of their favourite titles.”

So, what does Pixwoo have to offer? In their own words:

Pages – Create your own groups and manage your public and private profile pages. Become a member of a group, follower of a pro, fan of a game and friend with any Pixwoo member.

DNA enables user identification for smarter communication with other community members with the same tastes. From here, users create their own friend network.

Notifications tell users in real time whenever somebody posted or commented on a group page, pro page, or game page they follow since their last visit.

Pixwoo Mix introduces members to the latest groups created, photos and videos posted, players and pros that have joined and pages recently created. It is a genuine goldmine of information.

Pixwoo Shuffle presents a random selection of groups, games pages and professionals, creating a form of social network roulette that can be loads of fun.

Pixwoo Channel combines all videos posted on the site in a single section (trailers, videos in-games, hints and tips). With its different viewing modes, the Pixwoo Channel is a technological feet. Users can even create their own channels.

Pixwoo Chat has multi-window skinning in the colours of the site, reinforcing the interactive and instantaneous aspect of Pixwoo.

There is no denying that Pixwoo is feature packed, as you can see from the list above. But what is equally important is the clean interface and that Pixwoo is relatively easy to use.


However, most gamers are already members on at least one social network, if not more. Pixwoo’s real challenge will be to convince gamers that this is the social network for them, especially when they may have already spent many hours building up relationships on other networks. The idea of being surrounded by other gamers, and indeed the companies that create the games, is very appealing and time will tell if it’s enough to bring in the socially prolific gamers that it needs to be a success.


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