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Smartphone RPG Seven Knights Coming to to Switch

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The iphone4S Will cost you $2,000 in Brazil

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Nintendo’s amiibo toys-to-life figures are Gorgeous

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Battleborn Open Beta Infographic

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Happy Anniversary Allods Online

Posted by GG Goblin On May - 17 - 2012

They grow up so quick. Gala Networks Europe’s free-to play MMORPG, Allods Online, has been out of beta in Europe for a year and is celebrating this anniversary in style.

The gifts and events will be joined by the latest update, Astral Storm, on May 30th, which will bring new features for newcomers and veterans alike with the mentoring system and Astral Treasure Hunt awaiting intrepid Astral adventurers.

The anniversary gifts, which will be available to all players who joined the Allods Online adventure before the 11th of May 2012, start with all players receiving €5 worth of in-game currency to spend as they choose in the Allods Boutique, finishing with all players receiving an anniversary gift box, the contents of which are determined by player level. For those under level 32, the gift box will award a unique wolf mount, mount food and three recruits chests, which have contents to replace out-levelled gear. Players over level 32 will receive the same gifts but also a certificate that grants a choice of some very special items for their astral vessels, which can be a set of astral layer 3 ship weaponry, an elven statue for their ship or two coupons to spend on other ship customisations.

Events will be held between the 11th of May and the 11th of June, both in-game and across our social media networks.  This will afford the opportunity to win even more prizes, in-game currency and other items, and will include the return of the hugely popular launch event, giving players the chance to earn a second free mount, earn unique costumes for their favourite characters, and even learn a unique dance.








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