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Age Of Wulin Beta On The Way

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 20 - 2012

Gala Networks Europe’s latest MMORPG offering is currently undergoing localisation for the west, but will soon be ready for beta testing.

Age of Wulin will take players back into ancient Chinese history, where they will be immersed in traditional daily life during a period when martial arts culture was at its peak. Nicolas Pajot, COO, Gala Networks Europe, comments: “Age of Wulin represents everything that gPotato.eu is about – a high-quality, original title that really pushes forward the art of the free-to-play MMORPG.” He continues, “The setting is completely unique, the game systems are highly innovative and overall will let online gamers enjoy a refreshing sensation of freedom seldom experienced in any other MMORPG. As such, Age of Wulin is a title we’re hugely excited about as we gear up to initial testing and closed betas towards later this year.”

Age of Wulin main features are as follows:

- Epic scenery and an authentic setting during the Ming Dynasty, around the year 1370 – visit the Shaolin temple, the old city of Beijing or the  Great Wall of China
- Free world with no character level, classes or weapons restrictions.
- Progression is oriented around learning and developing kung fu skills. Players are free to join one of the 8 schools for 8 unique combat styles, and change weapon and school anytime to create their own Kung fu master. All hundreds of skills can be mastered!
- Special gravity-defying moves including water-gliding, running vertically along walls and flying across rooftops
- 17 professions, divided in categories (crafting, collecting, arts, etc.) – players have the freedom to focus only on developing their profession skills instead of combat skills
- Plenty of instances and quests
- The game world is an actual and accurate map of ancient China, 130 sq. km in size
- Special offline system that activates when the player logs out, where characters continue their daily lives, experience events and keep a personal diary
- The 40,000 NPCs remember the player’s actions and decisions and offer random events, quests and rewards based on the player’s reputation
- Unique PvP, Guild vs. Guild (GvG) and School vs. School combat
- Customisable Guild strongholds








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  1. Get To Know Wuxia | Said,

    [...] you excited about the impending beta for Gala Networks Europe’s upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, Age of Wulin? Well, maybe you would [...]

    Posted on June 29th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

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