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DUST 514 Mercenary Pack Announced

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 26 - 2012

Those planning to join the fight in the upcoming PS3 exclusive free-to-play MMFPS, DUST 514, should check out the Mercenary Pack for guaranteed beta access and other goodies.

DUST 514’s first scheduled Beta Event begins this Thursday, June 28, with more following every other weekend. By purchasing the Mercenary Pack, players are guaranteed access to every Beta Event, and have exclusive access to the game on off-weekends. Anyone interested in testing DUST 514 can also sign up at www.dust514.com/beta, where they will be chosen at random to participate. All participating players will receive a unique dropsuit for each Beta Event to commemorate their time testing DUST 514.

The Mercenary Pack will be available tomorrow on the PlayStation Network for £13.99.

The contents of the Mercenary Pack are:

- 4,000 Aurum – the in-game currency for DUST 514 that you can buy in the PS Store
- 30-dat Active Skill Booster – increases earned Skill Points (SP) by 50%
- ‘Dragonfly’ Scout Dropuit – a uniquely designed armor with unlimited use
- ‘Toxin” ICD-9 Submachine Gun with unlimited use and a custom skin
- HK4M Shotgun X 50
- Hacked Drop Uplink x 50 – allows players to create on-the-spot spawn points for their teammates
- Fused Locus Grenade x 50
- 1.5dn Myofibril Stimulant x 50 – offers players a temporary melee damage boost against opponents
- All Access Beta Pass – allows players to participate in every Beta Event, as well as additional play sessions during off weekends


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