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EA @ E3 2012

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 5 - 2012

After a somewhat disappointing start from Microsoft, did EA deliver the press conference of our dreams?

Well, it all began with an epic trailer for Dead Space 3, which is currently due to hit shelves in February 2013. This was followed by a co-op demo featuring the new character John Carver and it would seem that the depths of space have been left behind, at least in this footage, as the action took place on a snow covered planet with some impressively large monsters. I had to look twice in case I had mistaken this footage for the new Lost Planet game.


Viewers were then treated to some more Madden 13 footage and details before handing over to Maxis for details about SimCity, which has been confirmed to have multiplayer, and the soon to be released SimCity Social on FaceBook.

The big announcement about Battlefield 3 Elite, Oops, I mean Battlefield 3 Premium, came next. The service launches today and will offer fans of the Battlefield 3 game early access to upcoming expansions, including Close Quarters, Aftermath, Armored Kill and Endgame, along with more guns, vehicles and other stuff. The service will set you back 4000 MSPoints on Xbox360 and £39.99 on PS3.


The premium MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic will be offering free play until level 15 from July, getting the players hooked before charging them. But it seems there will be plenty to stick around for with a massive update including a new playable race, the Cathar, and increased level cap, new world, new companion and a bunch of other stuff.

Those watching the show were then whisked away to Somalia for some Medal of Honor: Warfighter action, which looked awesome. Tier One operatives from all over the world make an appearance to deal with situations in real world hotspots.


We then had some sport in the form of FIFA 2013, with the announcement that Football Club is coming to tablets and phones,and a new FIFA iPhone app is on the way. The sports theme remained with the news that the UFC brand are abandoning THQ and getting into bed with EA. Big news for UFC fans.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted will be hitting shelves on October 30th and essentially takes the action of Hot Pursuit and puts it in the city, which may come as a disappointment to fans of the original Most Wanted who maybe would have liked something more akin to the old game.


EA then wrapped things up with a healthy dose of Crysis 3 action which, whilst not really revealing anything substantial, looked as incredible as you would expect. All in all, there was some nice stuff at the EA E3 conference, but still no really big reveals. Could it be that this year the companies have spoilt us with drip-fed details that could have been saved for some jaw-dropping announcements?

Details and assets for the games on show will make their way onto GGUK over the following few days. Keep checking back for more coverage from E3 2012.


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