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Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon

Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 15 - 2012

Find your missing fiancée after receiving her blood-stained engagement ring through the post.

Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon by Iceberg Interactive and WRF Studios is a point and click PC game, where you play as a character named Billy Black who one day receives a strange package which, when opened, reveals a disk. The package comes from a town called Antibes, where just a few days earlier your fiancee traveled to investigate some mysterious vampire-like murders. Unfortunately, your fiancee is now missing and it falls to you to find out what happened to her and solve the mystery of these savage murders.

You play in a third person view as Billy Black, who first appears in a quiet hotel room. He is determined to discover what happened to his girlfriend Wendy Sothers, who had been investigating a series of murders and it appears she may have been taken by some dark and evil force. Since her disappearance, Billy has been feeling confused as to what has happened to her, or even if she is still alive. You begin your journey by investigating your hotel room, wandering around and collecting information.


In this point and click adventure, you simply use the mouse to move your character around each environment, interacting with various objects to obtain information or analyze a selection of items. Each room and building contains a series of puzzles and clues for you to solve. Items which can be interacted with have a red symbol clearly marked when you hover the mouse over them and items that need further investigating turn into a red gear to show there is an objective to be met. Wandering the desolate town, you must muster up enough energy to investigate the buildings and talk to the local townspeople, who will either give you vital information or send you away until you have worked something else out. The game has a creepy environment and you are constantly haunted by various cut scenes of your fiancee, serpents and dangerous red eyes that are hidden in dark corners of this creepy town. Billy comes across as a tough guy with a husky voice, which if I’m honest, doesn’t sound remotely normal. But he’s a guy on a mission with a great deal of determination to find out what’s going on in this derelict town.


The gameplay follows a standard point and click mechanic which will be familiar to casual gamers around the world. You’ll find yourself in a variety of different environments, from the dismal hotel and tattoo parlor, to the junkyard filled with abandoned vehicles, to the dark backstreets of the town. You’ll investigate trash cans, filled with vermin and prize open boxes to find new information and leads. Every person you come into contact with will be questioned as you try to find the whereabouts of your fiancee. The puzzles are reasonably varied and will have you fixing cars, messing around with fuse boxes and even running programs on a PC.


Visually, the game doesn’t really push any boundaries. The environments all look good and keep with the overall atmosphere of the game, dark and creepy. The voice of Billy doesn’t really fit well with the game, but otherwise the audio seemed perfectly competent.

The game flows quite well and is very easy to get into. There is a map which gives you an oversight of the various places you need to visit. At first I was wandering from area to area, until I realized you could simply click on the map and it instantly took you to that area. The game has a simple inventory, where you gather a collection of items as you progress through the game. Some of these items need further investigation by simply right clicking the mouse.


Although the story isn’t particularly deep and the characters seem a little strange, I did find myself enjoying this mystery adventure story. It has an overall atmosphere which is enhanced by the occasional cut-scene, that left me feeling entertained and eager to continue. Society of the Serpent Moon may not have anything to make it stand out from the multitude of other point and click adventures out there, but for casual gamers who feed on this type of game, there is plenty here to enjoy. Pick it up if you played the previous Last Half of Darkness game, or if you have time in your schedule for another point and click adventure.



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