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PlayStation @ E3 2012

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 6 - 2012

I am guessing that PlayStation fans will know by now what surprises were revealed at the PlayStation E3 2012 press conference. But in case you have been living under a rock, here is a brief rundown of what happened.


Things began with a rather nice reveal of a new game, something which E3 press conferences should be all about but have been slightly lacking in some of the other presentations. The somewhat creepy BEYOND: Two Souls, the next game from Quantic Dream, was on display with actress Ellen Page playing the lead role. So far as reveals go, this was impressive. This interactive psychological thriller looked stunning, as one would expect from the makers of Heavy Rain, whilst also hinting at a story that I can’t wait to get my teeth into.

Moving on, things became a bit more light-hearted with a live demo of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The players on stage were able to show off the cross-platform play with two players using the PS3, whilst two played the game on their Vitas. Finally, it was revealed that two new characters will be coming to this Super Smash Bros. clone in the form of Nathan Drake and Big Daddy from Bioshock.


LittleBigPlanet 2 will be getting DLC later this year that will allow the Vita to be used as a controller for the game, which will be interesting to see. PlayStation Plus is being changed around a bit, with free games being released each month for the subscription service. This change will be live today in the UK and will include Infamous 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse and LittleBigPlanet 2 as part of the “Instant Games Collection”. Exciting times for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Vita news seemed a little bit unimpressive at the beginning, with the announcement of PSOne Classics coming to the handheld, and the arrival of Hulu Plus and Crackle (not sure on the UK relevance). But the briefest glimpse of Call of Duty: Declassified and then the full on announcement of Assassin’s Creed: Liberation will have raised the spirits of Vita owners. Assassin’s Creed: Liberation will have a female lead, be set in New Orleans around the same time period as ACIII and will spawn a Crystal White Vita bundle (again, not sure about the UK).


Speaking of Assassin’s Creed III, what about some naval battles? It would seem from the video that Connor has found himself as an officer aboard a ship and will indulge in some entertaining navigation, cannon fire and ship boarding, all with a dynamic weather system. Awesome.

And whilst we stay with my definition of awesome, next up was the reveal of a four-player co-op campaign in Far Cry 3. Can this game get any better? It was also revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of the game will be getting exclusive free DLC.

At this point, things got a little strange with the reveal of Wonderbook, which will be a line of interactive books that bring stories to life through augmented reality. The first title, Book of Spells, will feature original content from Harry Potter creator J K Rowling. Whilst no doubt impressive, the way things seemed to spring to life from the pages of a book, I will reserve judgement on this one.


We then had the announcement that PlayStation Suite is being renamed as PlayStation Mobile, something which will no doubt annoy those who had “PlayStation Suite” tattooed on their arms after a particularly rough night out – you know who you are!. But this was followed by a live demonstration of God of War: Ascension which certainly got the crowd hyped.

Things finished on a high note with some gameplay footage from the highly anticipated The Last of Us from Naughty Dog. The level of detail was amazing, the combat seemed smooth and the action was very reminiscent of Uncharted, with perhaps an extra level of grittiness.


Whilst Vita owners may continue to lament the relative lack of time spent on their shiny handhelds, overall the PlayStation presentation was impressive. The conference started and finished on a high note, and there was enough in between to get excited about.

As always, details and assets for the games on show will make their way onto GGUK over the following few days. Keep checking back for more coverage from E3 2012.


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