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The Sims get supernatural

Posted by TurtleGirl On June - 13 - 2012

Electronic Arts and Maxis are delighted to announce a new expansion to The Sims 3 for PC and Mac. The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack introduces Sims to the world of magic, mystery, and mischief.


Walk into the creepy and mysterious town of Moonlight Falls, where only strange events occur by the light of the moon. Create supernatural beings and transform them into menacing werewolves or cackling witches. Have fun and experiment with mischevious and devious fairies to intriguing vampires in the night.


Use you wand to cast spells, or just stay at home and claw away at the furniture, the choice is yours. There will be dozens of various elixirs to concot, which have a number of different effects, including turning Sims into zombies or even transforming them into gold.


Share your enchanted brews with any of your friends who have The Sims 3. If you decide to pre-order The Sims Supernatural, you’ll receive a special Limited Edition Version, which will feature exclusive Plants vs. Zombies content pack. Dress up your Sim in a classic zombie outfit to terrify your local neighbours, or add a unique plant to your Sim garden to keep out those unwanted guests. Learn how to cast spells and discover rare ingredients for your potions, and charm or hex your Sims lives. You can create a career for yourself such as a mystic fortune teller or race around on your broomstick, visting the gypsy caravan or even decide to awaken a classical character from the dead. Add a secret lair to your gothic home and even fit in a sliding bookcase to add character to your creepy home.


Chomp on other Sims to spread the love and wreak havoc, but don’t fret as you always rely on a special elixir to change your Sims back.


The exclusive Plants vs. Zombies content, enables you to plant steadfast peashooters to keep your home secure and safe and get the ultimate creepy chic with cone hats, suits of rags and other fundead fashion from Plants vz. Zombies.



The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack for PC and Mac is in development and will launch worldwide in September 2012.

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