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Xbox @ E3 2012

Posted by GG Goblin On June - 4 - 2012

Well, the first big press conference of E3 2012 is over and Microsoft have left us all feeling…somewhat underwhelmed.

Don’t get me wrong, the show started with a bang – in the form of a cinematic Halo 4 introduction followed by some gameplay, in which we got see some of the new weapons that Master Chief will be playing with when the game launches in November.


The action kept on going with some gameplay footage from Ubisoft’s next outing for Sam Fisher – Splinter Cell: Blacklist. With some nifty little gimmicks on show, including calling down airstrikes and distracting guards using your own voice and Kinect, I am interested to see where this one goes.

The Kinect support continued with FIFA 13 and Madden 13. Interesting to know that if you swear at the Ref in FIFA 13, the match commentator will mention your disapproval. I don’t play Madden, so can’t really tell what the voice commands are for, but an educated guess would suggest that you can alter plays without accessing the menu.

Viewers were treated to some trailer action in the form of Fable: The Journey, Gears of War: Judgement and Forza: Horizon. Whilst they all looked rather impressive, and I am particularly hyped for the new Forza game, It was not really anything new. Gamers were largely ignored while Microsoft discussed expanding its entertainment brand. New partners including Nickelodeon and Paramount, new sports in the form of NBA and NHL, a new music service called Xbox Music and a fitness title from Nike.


Microsoft’s big reveal was Xbox Smart Glass, a way of integrating your phones and tablets into the Xbox experience. Not to say that Microsoft are trying to beat Nintendo to the punch, but the similarities are undeniable. Smart Glass can use your phone or tablet to display extra info about a show you are watching, resume a movie on your TV, initiate a multiplayer game during your single-player Halo 4 experience, and control your Xbox. I am sure there will be  a lot more exciting revelations regarding Smart Glass, but at the moment I am not that interested.


Oh, and another big reveal! Internet Explorer will be coming to Xbox360…

Finally, it was back to the games with some very cool gameplay footage from Tomb Raider followed by three, count ‘em, world premiere exclusives. Ascend: New Gods from Signal Studio looks like an epic, rather bloody, fantasy fighting game, Loco Cycle from Twisted Pixel gave absolutely nothing away, and Matter, for Kinect, had a rolling ball. All three games will be coming next year.

There was then a hefty chunk of Resident Evil 6 gameplay, which looks both bad a$$ and awesome at the same time, followed by a live demonstration of Wreckateer, a Kinect controlled Angry Birds type game in which you have to destroy castles using your big catapault. Looked more fun than I am probably making it sound. Then, one of the few highlights of the event, South Park: The Stick of Truth in which players can create their own new resident of the town and embark on a quest to be cool, or something like that. It looked wicked, either way.


Dance Central 3 was followed by Usher singing one of his tunes. Then things closed with some very tasty looking Black Ops 2 gameplay. Overall, not very impressive.

Details and assets for the games on show will make their way onto GGUK over the following few days. Keep checking back for more coverage from E3 2012.


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