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Stuntman Eddie Lands October 24th

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PS Vita v2.10 update available Today

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New Crackdown For Xbox One

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Build Your Own World Of Warcraft

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 11 - 2012

Mega Bloks, the other popular construction toy, will be launching their World of Warcraft range later this month.

The Mega Bloks World of Warcraft sets will be available in Argos from July 21st.


The Faction Pack Asst. marks the opening price point featuring articulated figurines, each intricately designed to represent a specific race/class combination. These 15-piece builds include authentic weapons, interchangeable chest plates and shoulder pads as well as tileable base plates with race-themed accessories.

Fans will also love building and customising the ultimate rides that Azeroth has to offer. The Mount Assortment features unique figs with customisable armour sets, each paired with a cool flying or ground mount.

Those who want to send rival characters head-to-head need look no further than the Barrens Chase set. Build & customise the dual mount set as they battle to reclaim & protect the Horde & Alliance flags. Both heroes feature interchangeable gear & also includes random loot to add to the collection!

Opt for the Sindragosa & The Lich King set and build & customise the iconic Sindragosa dragon as she overlooks the frozen kingdom. Also collect the notorious Arthas (a.k.a. the Lich King) with his infamous armour set and Frostmourne sword as he sits upon his buildable frozen throne. Also includes random loot (armour or weapons) to add to the collection!

Create this epic battle as the Horde Demolisher Tank attacks the Alliance Tower with the Demolisher Attack set. Load up the Horde Demolishers siege engine with workable launcher, spinning wheels and projectiles or protect the Alliance fort tower with the cool catapult launcher.

Fans can also launch their own war in the skies with the buildable iconic zeppelin featuring a brick blasting cannon – launcher in the Goblin Zeppelin Ambush set -  designed to withstand the hardest mid-air battles. Get armed for battle or stage a counter attack with a sneak assault on the Zeppelin with Darkhowl, the Worgen Rogue and his buildable Alliance crossbow.

Guaranteed to be an absolute must-have for both collectors and kids is Deathwings Stormwind Assault. Build & customise the Deathwing dragon with over 100 custom parts as he sweeps down to burn the buildable Stormwind Castle.  Alternatively join King Varian Wrynn and his trusted Alliance allies defend Stormwind Castle with its iconic walkway from a burning rampage with the workable catapult launcher.










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