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LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Posted by GG Goblin On July - 10 - 2012

They Speak!

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes on the Vita is a very good game. It is classic LEGO fare that will undoubtedly entertain fans of the previous LEGO games. However, as I pointed out in my review of the Vita game, I made the mistake of taking a look at both games simultaneously. In doing this, it became very apparent that LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes on the home consoles is far and away the best LEGO title to date.


Three simple things make this game better than all that have come before, besides the expected graphical polishing. Whilst there are lots of little points where the player, if they have played any of the previous titles, will crack a little smile, these three factors raise the game to a whole new level.

First up there is the fact that Gotham City can be explored in an open world format. That’s right, you are free to cruise the city at your leisure, looking for secrets and saving citizens when taking a break from the main story. As with most open world games, it is surprisingly easy to spend a couple of hours exploring, only to realise that you have accomplished very little. But then, as long as you are having fun, it doesn’t matter.


Secondly, we have the fact that the characters in the game are finally talking! Including such voice acting talent as Nolan North, Clancy Brown, Steve Blum and Laura Bailey, TT Games have ensured that all of the many characters in the game have added depth, something which fans of the comic books will really appreciate. Not only this, but the humour, which has always been one of the major appeals of the LEGO games, no longer needs to rely only on visual jokes.

Finally, the simple fact that you can play as a LEGO version of the flying boy scout makes things really special. LEGO games have never been shy about loading their games with more playable characters than you could shake a stick at, something which has continued here with the inclusion not only of Batman’s friends and foes, but also other notable heroes and villains from the DC Universe, including the mighty Superman. The appeal of playing as the Kryptonian is not only his ability to fly, an ability shared by some other characters, but the simple fact that he is Superman. In LEGO form. Come on!

Take away those three things and you still have an incredibly good looking LEGO title which will appeal to gamers of all ages. The game features a typically over the top story in which Lex Luthor breaks The Joker, and loads of other villains, out of Arkham Asylum in order to enlist his help with becoming President. The Joker goes along because he’s The Joker and it looks like fun. From that point on, the player will find themselves having to deal with a variety of big name villains and their lackeys as they get ever closer to stopping Lex and Mr J.


The formula for the main story remains the same as most previous titles. The player works through the chapters by defeating the enemies and solving puzzles which are largely based around the abilities of their characters. These abilities mostly revolve around the different suits that Batman and Robin can wear, such as a magnetic suit that allows Robin to climb certain walls, or the stealth suit which allows Batman to sneak past security cameras unseen. As the player unlocks new characters, their abilities will come in useful for certain parts of the game, or when the player replays levels in free mode to find all of the secrets.

And secrets there are many. Players familiar with the game will be pleased to hear that there are plenty of objects to break and studs to collect. There are also gold bricks to unlock, mini-kit pieces to find and citizens in peril to save. The sheer amount of content in the game is amazing.


There was nothing stopping TT Games from simply plugging out another LEGO title without making all of the leaps forward found in this game. Players would have still enjoyed the game and money would have been made. But the fact that LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes has made these leaps forward show that the series is still evolving which has not only resulted in the best LEGO title to date, but also builds the excitement for the upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings game. If you have ever enjoyed a LEGO game, pick this one up now. It’s SUPER!




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Coming later this year to Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch.


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