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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

Posted by FuryAc3 On August - 13 - 2012

FuryAc3 gets up close and personal.

Having just Reviewed the Max Payne 3 DLC, there is no better time to look at another piece of DLC that’s hit both Xbox Live and PSN a few weeks ago that you may have missed. So this time out we are looking at the second DLC pack for one of the most played games online and the game that stole CoD’s crown. We are talking about  Battlefield 3 and this is the Close Quarters review. So will it be a cut above the rest, like a well-timed melee? Or is it dud, like a faulty grenade?


Close Quarters is a truly beefy piece of DLC as you get four maps, ten guns, ten assignments, two new game modes and five unique dog tags, all for 1200msp/£11.99. It also takes the HD destruction so well-known from the series and ups it to an 11 on the scale.

The maps you get in the pack are all set in Tehran, which is in Iran, and are all built for 8v8 combat, the maximum players allowed on the console, although this increases on the PC.

The first map in the pack is Operation 925 which is set in a busy office and has you fighting over 3 floors, including an underground car park, and sees these levels acting like separate zones for combat. From the glass filled cubicles and the long corridors, to the stairways between the levels there is never a lack of places to lay down fire.


The next map is Donya Fortress which is a multi-levelled mansion and is by far one of the smallest maps ever made for any Battlefield game. But it makes up for this with height, with an emphasis on vertical combat seeing you fighting to hold down balconies which overlook the main courtyard.

Then there is Scrap Metal which sees you fighting it out over two warehouses linked by walkways and roof tops. Just like Donya Fortress, this map has lots of hidden paths to the flag points, so it pays to learn the layout of these maps as speed is key to victory on most modes.


The final map is Ziba Tower which is a horseshoe shape set in a minimalist apartment block. The only problem with this map is that it is too easy to get pinned down. There are a LOT of choke points in this map, so campers will have a field day lying in wait with an LMG.

On the whole the maps are great to play, although some are a little too big for the 8v8 with you running around trying to find enemies. This problem could be ironed out if it was to be upped to 12v12. But on the whole it’s a small complaint for what are four really well built maps, which fans will soon love.

Other than the maps, the pack also has ten new guns, two for each class. But you don’t unlock them right away, first you must finish assignments to get your hands on them. This is a clever move by DICE as it means if you want the guns you must work for them (I say work, some say grind) and you will also get a unique dog tag once you complete them, so it’s worth hanging in there.

The final thing in the DLC is two new game modes. The first is Conquest Domination which is just the same as the standard Conquest mode, only this mode sees the time taking to capture the flags cut by over half, so it makes for faster gameplay on the new maps. So get your running shoes on because you don’t stop moving.

The other mode is Gun Master which is like CoD’s gun game mode which sees you start with a pistol and work your way up a weapons tree, unlocking a new gun every two or three kills. So one minute you’ll be using an assault rifle and the next you are using a sniper rifle. This is a fast, fun and very frantic mode and is a great way to train with weapons you may have never used.


Close Quarters is a really heavy weight piece of DLC and is a must for fans of the game as it adds so much to the game. As always when it comes to DLC, DICE have played a blinder and added something new to an already great game. With plans for three more DLC packs this year, it’s safe to say that Battlefield 3 can only get better, and we can’t wait.

That was a little too close for comfort!





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