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Max Payne 3: Local Justice DLC

Posted by FuryAc3 On August - 2 - 2012

Dishing out some Local Justice.

With it being all quiet on the release front and very few games coming out until the middle of this month, there is no better time to take a look at some DLC that has hit both Xbox Live and PSN. So this week we look to be reviewing the first DLC pack for what some say (myself included) is game of the year so far… That’s right, it’s the Local Justice Pack for Max Payne 3. So is this worth the download making it top cop? Or is it best to be left alone to rot in its cell on the marketplace?


Local Justice Pack is available for 640MSPoints on the Xbox360 and £5.49 on the PS3 and for that you will get three new maps based on the later stages of the single player campaign, a new weapon, a new style and new multiplayer faction to fight as, along with some new achievements/trophies. So you get a good chuck of content.

The first map in the pack is Imperial Palace where you’ll be fighting in a crumbling rundown hotel and as a map it’s built with close quarters combat in mind, with lots of good cover in the hotel. So beware of guys hiding in cover with the shotgun. Though if you’re looking to get some distances on the enemy, head out to the pool area where there is very little cover and is ideal for gun battles. On top of that there is a snipers nest at the back of the pool area – if you wander out of the hotel you will not last long against a well placed sniper. This map is best played in Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer.

The next map is Departure Lounge which is set in the airport, final chapter of the game, and sees you fighting in the luggage handling area as well as the back rooms. Those areas are like the close quarters areas in Imperial Palace, seeing you hug walls and having to take things slower as enemies could be lurking behind any corner. The standout feature of the map though is the check in area as this is a huge open area with well-placed cover and well-concealed vantage points along its multi-tiered levels, making it ideal for a large scale gunfight and will have you bullet dodging from the upper levels and falling for what seems an age. This map is best played in large Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer.


The third and final map is 55th Battalion HQ and this is by far the biggest map in the pack, seeing the fighting happening in a large sprawling police station full of jail cells, offices and garages, which means there are lots of dead ends and choke points. But the map is well balanced with plenty of areas for stand offs and will see skirmishes braking out all over the map. This map is best played in large Team Deathmatch but is also the only map in the pack that can be played in Gang War, which is great fun and will see you playing this map over and over.

The DLC also includes the Light Fingers style which lets you loot corpses even faster than normal, meaning you can bag painkillers and cash quicker. The new weapon that you get in the pack is the M4 assault rifle. It is deadly and will see you coming out on top of most fire fights. It also has an unlock tree like all the weapons in the game, so the more you use it the stronger it gets. The final thing that you get with the pack is the São Paolo Police faction which gives your avatar a new look and also gives you that Dirty Harry feeling as you tear about the maps.


So is the Local Justice Pack worth shelling out for? If you’re a fan of the game and are well versed in the online side, then yes. If you are new to the multiplayer side of things and are unsure about it, I would also say yes as it adds hours of gameplay and all three maps are great fun to play on. You’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of this pack and it is well worth the price of admission.

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