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The Werewolf Diaries – The Sims 3 Supernatural

Posted by TurtleGirl On August - 28 - 2012

I’m only scary ‘cos I’m hairy…

The latest expansion for The Sims 3 is set to give our Sims a bit of a supernatural experience as players will be able to explore the new town of Midnight Falls and create their Sims as a selection of supernatural creatures. My first dip into the “alternative lifestyle” pool would see me taking on a Werewolf Sim – Am I gonna need a flea collar?

The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Pack allows your Sim to move into the delightfully peculiar town of Moonlight Falls. A strange and eerie presence is felt in this interesting town, which is filled with deep forests fog shrouded coves. It has a mysterious atmosphere that threatens to cast a spell on any Sim that happens to wander off the beaten path. Moonlight Falls was founded by two immigrant families who were extraordinarily long lived and had a strong aversion to sunlight. The townfolk of Moonlight Falls are affected by the lunar cycle and strange transformations can take place when the moon is full.


My new life in Moonlight Falls begins with settling into a new house and finding myself a profession from the local newspaper. There are a number of careers I could embark on, but I chose in this instance to take on something newly added in the Supernatural expansion.  I got myself a job reading horoscopes from the local newspaper and forwarding that information onto Sims in exchange for Simoleons, which I would do at the Gypsy Wagon from 1pm to 5pm. It’s not amazingly well paid, and I’ve got to fool local Sims that I have a genuine connection with the psychic world, but it will do for the time being.

My lifetime Wish is specific to Werewolf Sims and is to become Leader of the Pack, which involves converting five Sims to werewolves and find 40,000 Simoleons worth of objects while hunting with a pack of wolves. I can’t help but feel that I may have chosen the hardest lifetime Wish here, but I am up for the challenge. As I start going about my business with this new Sim, I am very aware that at some point soon, my whole personality and appearance is going to suddenly change. I’m going to go from the smart looking young Sim with a bright outlook on life, to a hairy uncontrollable werewolf with a taste for blood.

Within the game, the moon icon tells you the current phase of the moon and the number of days to the next phase. This gives you the time and opportunity to adjust to your new found fur and disgusting table manners. You can leave the lunar cycle in the town on the default setting and the moon will rotate through the various phases of the lunar cycle. It is also possible to set up the game so that these phases are more or less frequent, or even set the moon to stay on one phase, allowing players to really mess with the heads of their Sims.


During the full moon my transformation began and I was preparing myself to be completely converted to a werewolf in an instant. But in actual fact, the changes were slow and slight to begin with. Looking into the mirror, I noticed some facial hair appearing and small tufts of hair coming out of my ears. It was alarming to say the least, but I carried on my day nevertheless. It wasn’t until I got to the breakfast table that everything changed and my full personality erupted. Gone was the chance to sit quietly, drinking my juice and munching away on my cereal. My mood had reached an all time low and this is when changes begin to happen. When Sims moods become low or when the full moon rises a forced transformation takes place and you have no choice but to embrace your inner wolf, resulting in uncontrollable scratching at furniture, seriously bad table manners and basically being a bit aggressive.

Over time, Werewolves gain more control over their transformations and gain additional abilities within the game. As a Werewolf, you are able to hunt alone or in packs, and you can hunt for specific collectible gems, metals or insects. Werewolves also have the ability to turn other Sims into Werewolves via a cursed bite. As a Werewolf, my first instinct was to start growling and jump up on the table on all fours. Forget table manners or using a knife and fork, I was licking out of the bowl and scratching the remains of my dinner table to pieces in a mad frenzy. During the night I would wander the graveyard howling, occasionally bumping into other supernatural beings. One of these beings was a mysterious ghost called Jimmy Vu, who seemed to unload all his sadness onto me by announcing that he was unemployed and had unfortunately been electrocuted. An extreme solution for the unemployment crisis?


When you first encounter other Sims as a Werewolf, it’s a bit of a mixed bag of reactions. Some Sims don’t seem especially bothered by your hairy demeanor, where others you will be able to scare to death. Once you’ve approached a Sim as a Werewolf, you can interact with them in a number of ways, such as growling at them, sniffing inappropriately or joke around with them about shedding. It all has quite a comical edge and it is enjoyable to watch the different reactions of other Sims.

Once you’ve grown tired of scaring the locals, there are plenty of places to explore in Midnight Falls. There are several interesting stores to browse in and buy a wide selection of strange objects, potions and elixirs. Visit the Mix and Research Alchemy shop and you can wander around this candle filled store, open up a huge magic book, make some potions or whip up some magic spells. They were some interesting sounding potions to be found in the store, such as the Jar of Discord, Jar of Friendship, Flask of Angry Bees and a cure elixir. You’ll need all the required ingredients and not all potion making is successful, so make sure you get plenty of practice in. Once you’ve brewed your elixir you can gift it to a friend, or even drink it yourself, if you are brave enough and fancy taking a risk. Also in the store is a gem cutting machine which allows you to cut gems and transform them into gem dust.

Changing back and forth from Sim to Werewolf has it’s drawbacks and can lead to embarrassing circumstances, such as walking into the local bookstore to purchase a new book, only to transform and scare the young assistant from behind the checkout into a quivering wreck. It adds new challenges to the game just by making everyday Sim life that little bit more “interesting”. Who would have thought that being a Werewolf would be so difficult? Oh, and the hair. Don’t get me started on the hair…


Keep watching for my next hands-on with The Sims 3 Supernatural, in which I will be sprouting wings and taking on a Fairy Sim. The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion is due in the UK on 7th September, 2012.

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