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The Sims 3: Supernatural

Posted by TurtleGirl On September - 21 - 2012

Expand your Sims world with the appreciation of a good flea comb.

The Sims 3 Supernatural is the latest expansion pack for the content-packed Sims 3 game and provides a brand new town to set up home in, a new career, lifetime wishes and traits and a whole coffin-load of new items, clothes and such. Oh, and it also lets you turn your Sims world slightly sideways by introducing playable Vampires, Witches, Fairies and Werewolves. Suddenly, finding the nearest toilet will be the least of your problems.


You begin your journey in the strange neighbourhood of Moonlight Falls with its picturesque waterfalls, and dense forests concealing misty coves. Moonlight Falls was founded many centuries ago by two immigrant families, the Van Goulds who were extraordinarily long lived and had an aversion to the sunlight, and the Wolffs, high spirited individuals who were strangely affected by the full moon. Over time, they were joined by the local forest dwelling folk. Moonlight Falls is well known for its strange potions made from plants, gems and minerals, which are very unique to this little corner of the world.

In The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion pack, you can take on a series of different roles from a flighty, mischievous fairy or a hair-covered werewolf, to a magic-dueling witch or a vampire with the urge to take a bite from any nearby Sim. Each role brings something different to the Sim experience, expanding their lives in very unusual ways.

This expansion introduces the new career of the Fortune Teller. No supernatural powers are required to begin with, as your Sim starts out in the little Gypsy Wagon by simply reading horoscopes from the local newspaper. Before long though, they will be performing very believable personal readings for the residents of Moonlight Falls.


Taking on the role of a Werewolf, I chose one of the new lifetime wishes, to become leader of the pack. There are various lifetime wishes designed for the new types of Sim that are available, but at the time this one seemed like it would be easy to accomplish. That was until I discovered that converting five other Sims into Werewolves and discovering forty thousand Simoleons worth of objects while hunting with the pack would be so time consuming. Using the cursed bite on other Sims felt somewhat unfair, and hunting with a pack to find specific collectible gems, metals or insects would first require finding a pack to join.

As a Werewolf, the strange transformations that involve sprouting thick, dark hair from everywhere, uncontrollable scratching and terrible table manners, happen during certain phases of the moon or when the Sim’s mood is low. Moonlight Falls is dictated by the phases of the moon and a small moon icon appears on the inventory which tells you the current phase of the moon, and the number of days until the next moon will appear. You can actually control the lunar cycle yourself by setting the frequency of these phases or setting the moon to always be in one phase.


If you decide you want to take on the form of a witch, witches abilities can sometimes be present in childhood. You’ll also need a wand for magic, and every witch is given a basic wand to help with some successful spell casting. As a witch you will need to keep an eye on your magic power meter, which gives you an idea of how much more spell casting you can perform, and how much more mischief you can get up to. Your magic power will regenerate by itself, but the process can be speeded up by flying around in the Broom Arena, or simply using the Essence of Magic elixir.


Vampire Sims are much improved over the previous versions. As a Vampire, you’ll need a constant supply of blood from an unsuspecting sim victim or to consume some handy plasma packs. This can be inconvenient, but the special abilities you gain as a Vampire are worth it. You have the ability to read Sims minds, Vampire run and hunt down potential targets. Then there is the chance to improve their skills during the night-time by turning sims into vampires.

Life as a Sim Fairy is enjoyable. Within Create-A-Sim, you can choose from a variety of different translucent wings which are all really pretty and give off a charming glow as you make your adventurous flights around Moonlight Falls. Fairies have a variety of different actions available to them which can either help or hinder other Sims. Being a nice considerate fairy, you can offer peace and tranquility to those around you, or transform into a whizzing pink fairy dot that blissfully becomes a playful pester. Fancy annoying the local sims in your neighbourhood? A fairy can perform a hot head action that sends a flame out to scold their next victim, or let loose a pair of chattering teeth to give them the heebeegeebees and see them running away.


Exploring Moonlight Falls, you can travel by LLAMA – yes, you read that right. It’s kind of like a telephone teleporter box that enables you to visit the various areas of the town without having to walk or take the car. It instantly teleports you to wherever you wish to go. They are ideal if you want to travel quickly, but you wouldn’t want to miss collectibles lying on the ground, or any interesting challenges. As a Fairy, you’ll soon discover the little fairy houses that are placed in the gardens. These small fairy houses are rabbit holes in which a variety of mysterious actions can take place. Once inside, you’ll hear fairy music and other people chattering, and you’ll be able to sleep, drink a pollen punch, throw a fairy house party, put on graduation robes, relax or take an extreme dance. The noises that come from the fairy houses are hilarious, and when I first entered, it sounded like I was going to be pounced on by a dozen giggling chipmunks. If you decide to have a party, the giggling revs up and music notes appear. The fairy house is ideal if you are in desperate need of a quick rest or just need to boost up your happy meter.


There are some interesting places to visit around the town. The Toadstool is a nice hang-out to explore and grab a drink. There is even a claw machine to play with and try to grab a prize. Of course, if you are a fairy you can always shrink down and slip through the money slot to get a prize. If you fancy performing some spells or making some potions, you can pop along to Mix and Research Alchemy, where you can try your hand at brewing up a Jar of Discord or a flask of angry bees. Just be aware, that it’s better to try these experiments on other Sims rather than yourself, because once it’s done it’s done. It’s quite fun opening up the big spell book and throwing lots of ingredients into the cauldron.


Moonlight Falls is a pretty interesting place. Once you’ve made friends, cast some spells and done some midnight wolf hunting, It all starts to become quite normal. Slowly you begin to get used to becoming a werewolf at strange hours of the night and even witnessing zombies or ghosts hanging around outside your house, rapping to music or simply haunting your home. You’ll try and get to your job in one piece without scaring the locals with your new found fur and even form budding relationships that will blossom into something more. Maybe you’ll have a werewolf baby or your little toddler will start growing fangs. Either way, The Sims 3 Supernatural is one expansion pack not to be missed. It creates a very different Sim experience and allows players to investigate the bizarre goings-on in the wonderful new town of Moonlight Falls.



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