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Pokémon Dream Radar

Posted by TurtleGirl On October - 25 - 2012

It’s like a dream filled with strange collectible monsters that fit in your pocket.
Pokémon Dream Radar is a motion-controlled augmented reality app available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop which offers players an exclusive experience using the functions of the 3DS camera to catch Pokémon and discover new Pocket Monsters in the real world.

The app is very simple to use. The basics are explained within a short tutorial that is easy to follow and gives the player a step by step guide on how to catch Pokémon, transfer them and unleash the newly acquired monsters into Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2.


Within the game, you take the role of Professor Burnet’s research assistant who is studying and exploring the Interdream Zone. Using the motion controlled features of the 3DS, players move around and fire light beams at Dream Clouds that emerge in your real world environment. As you guide the 3DS camera around, small pink fluffy clouds appear in your surroundings and you’re objective is to shoot at these Dream Clouds to collect the Dream Orbs that are waiting inside each cloud. Once you’ve shot a Dream Cloud to smithereens, Dream Orbs then fall out into the atmosphere.

Some of these Dream Orbs contain Pokémon or special items, depending on how quickly and responsive your actions are and whether they are glowing pink clouds or just plain grey ordinary ones. If Dream Clouds and Dream Orbs are moving rapidly, and believe me when I say they do move around very fast at times, you need to set the Nintendo 3DS system on a flat horizontal surface for a short amount of time for them to return to normal.


You’ll find yourself rapidly tapping the A button in quick succession in order to lock-on and ultimately gain your Pokémon reward. It’s advisable that you have plenty of space within your environment to scan your surroundings due to the rapid pace these fluffy clouds move with. Some of the Dream Orbs contain special items that can be used to make catching Pokémon easier.

Players will be able to venture inside the development laboratory to discover new inventions and technology to aid you on your quest. The upgrades include such items as a Beam Upgrade for a hundred points, which enables you to increase the power of your beam to catch Pokémon, and an upgrade that increases the number of Dream Clouds that can be discovered. All of the inventions are useful and helpful in your progress and before long you’ll be firing left, right and centre within the augmented reality environment.


The only problem I encountered was the fact that it takes a while for the Dream Clouds to regenerate, so the game tends to be played in short bursts. After spinning around in circles, desperately trying to shoot clouds, you don’t want to be told that the research is over and be sent back to the lab just as you get into “the zone”.

Pokémon Dream Radar expands on the Pokémon experience and gives players the chance to capture some new Pokémon to use within their Pokémon Black/White Version 2 games. It is not the deepest of games, but it is a fun distraction that will prove popular to Pokémon fans, especially given its low £2.69 price. Download Pokémon Dream Radar from teh 3DS eShop and catch ‘em all!



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