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Trials Evolution: Origin Of Pain

Posted by GG Goblin On October - 29 - 2012

New and exciting ways to leave your little rider in agony.

RedLynx’s first batch of DLC for the mighty Trials Evolution is called “Origin of Pain” and comes in at a decent price of just 400 MSPoints on XBL, a bargain considering what is included in the pack.


Those of you who played and enjoyed Trials Evolution when it first released earlier this year will not be strangers to pain. Whilst the pain of trying to complete the high levels in this physics-based puzzle platformer was substantial, and likely involved much yelling at the screen, it was nothing compared to the pain that the poor little on-screen rider had to go through. Besides falling from his bike, often at great height, over and over again, completing any given track inevitably resulted in him being subjected to even more pain, with things falling on him or him being launched into the air without a parachute in sight, or even the rider simply being blown up, set on fire or crushed in some other imaginative way. I can’t say that I fancy his job.

The Origin of Pain DLC may well sidestep the philosophical beginnings of what we know as pain, but it provides plenty more of what we like – 36 more frustration-causing, mind-blowing, agony-inducing courses. These are all set on a new island and provide the player with yet more variety in the settings and ways to get annoyed and throw the controller at the screen. Whilst they start relatively simply, it doesn’t take long for the tracks to ramp up the difficulty and really challenge the player. It may be more of the same, but when it was great fun to start with, we don’t really mind.


However, the additional content doesn’t end with a healthy number of new tracks. There are also new items to buy, such as clothing and accessories, and a couple of new mini-games. The mini-games take the form of either firing your rider from a cannon or trying to go as high as possible on a collection of ramps. Much like the original mini-games, they are a fun addition but only serve as a stop gap to let your frustrations subside before trying to tackle the main tracks again.

RedLynx are also trying to bring your attention back to the community and the wonderful content that has been created there. Some of the ideas within this user-created content are amazing, and downloading and playing the games offered up can extend the games playability infinitely.

But the real star of the DLC is something slightly unexpected – a BMX bike. That’s right, a simple pushbike can provide so much fun in a game that is all about balance. The BMX can only be used in the new levels or levels created for it, but using it makes a really big difference to how you play the game. The dynamics are totally different, with much more emphasis on balance and less on power, making even experts rethink their strategies. And it is very cool, too.


Trials Evolution is a mighty game and deserves mighty DLC. For just 400 MSPoints, Origin of Pain manages to deliver. Fans of the game will find this money well spent.




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