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Earth’s Dawn For Autumn

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches October 31

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100 hour game streaming event to help Child’s Play Charity

Posted by TurtleGirl On November - 15 - 2012

Streamlicious is delighted to announce it’s current line-up of upcoming games for this massive 100 Hour Charity Marathon. The streaming will take place from the 22nd November to the 26th November, covering an impressive 40 games in the 24-hour-a-day streamthon. In that time, Streamlicious will be giving away over 2,000 prizes from free games to t-shirts to the viewers during this event. Viewers can also enter the Lottery Grand Prize for the chance to win over a staggering $900 worth of games, surely that’s got to be worth it. All of the proceeds of the lottery and the event will go to charity Child’s Play. an organization that helps and improves the lives of children in hospital around the world through games. Here’s a list of the line up of games featured, although not in this particular order.

child's play

1. Torchlight 2 – Runic Games
2. Awesomenauts – Ronimo Games
3. Jamestown – Final Form Games
4. Orcs Must Die 2 – Robot Entertainment
5. Sanctum – Coffee Stain Studios
6. Castle Crashers – The Behemoth
7. Unstoppable Gorg. – Futuremark
8. Psychonauts – Double Fine
9. Intrusion 2 – Aleksey Abramenko
10. Trine 2- Frozenbyte
11. Limbo – Playdead
12. Magicka – Arrowhead Game Studios
13. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Torn Banner Studios
14. Dustforce – Hitbox Team
15. Payday: The heist – Overkill Software
16. Dwarfs!? – Power of 2
17. Mc. Pixel  – Sos
18. Bunch of Heroes – NGD Studios
19. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Black Forest Games
20. Natural selection 2 – Unknown Worlds
21. Space Pirates and Zombies – MinMax Games LTD.
22. Rock of Ages & Zeno Clash – Ace Team
23. Anomaly Warzone Earth – 11 Bit Studios
24. Dungeon Defenders – Trendy Entertainment
25. Arkedo Studios – Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
26. Frozen Synapse – Mode7
27. Aaaa! For the awesome – Dejobaan Games
28. They Bleed Pixels – Spooky Squid Games
29. New Star Soccer 5 – New Star Games
30. Mark of the Ninja – Klei Entertainment
31. Hotline Miami – Dennaton Games
32. Home – Benjamin Rivers
33. Bloody trapland – 2play
34. Toki Tori + EDGE + RUSH – Two Tribes
35. Hamiltons Great Adventure + Krater – Fatshark
36. 99LTH – ZaxisGames
37. Anna – Dreampainters
38. Serious Sam Random encounter  + Super crate box – Vlambeer
39. Hacker Untold – Exosyphen Studios
40. Universe Sandbox – Giant Army
41. B.U.T.T.O.N – Copenhagen Game Collective
42. A mystery game with the support of the Indie Royale Showcase

“We were blown away by the generosity of the developers who chose to get involved,” says Martin Lund of Streamlicious.  “Not only have they donated games for us to stream and give away as prizes, but many of them will be actively answering questions and interacting with the community during the stream of their games.  It’s truly a wonderful event for everyone involved, and it’s all going to a great cause.”

Streamlicious 100 Hour Streamathon will go live 9am GMT + 1 on the 22nd of November (3am Eastern Time Zone).

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